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Photo by: Michael Caruth

Date of Birth: 23/08/69
Place of Birth: Ottawa, ON
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 176 lbs
Years on National Team: 9
 Hari Kant has played in some big games, but none will compare to the ones he'll play in Sydney.

 Kant will represent Canada in field hockey as one of two goalkeepers on the Olympic team.

 Kant first started playing field hockey at the Ontario Summer Games as an 11-year-old boy. He saw the sport as an opportunity to travel and was soon hooked.

 Since then, he can barely remember a time when he hasn't been playing.

 The 31-year-old has put his life on hold for field hockey and says after the Olympics, it just might be time to examine his priorities.

 "I've been playing while some of my friends are moving ahead in their careers," said Kant. "I've put relationships on hold and pretty much just lived out of a suitcase.

 "But if I can maintain a career and field hockey, then I don't see any reason why I would leave it."

 And while the lifestyle might not appeal to most, it has been ideal for Kant.

 With his own computer consulting company, Kant has the freedom to work from anywhere -- and he's done just that.

 The game has allowed the Ottawa native to see much of the world and make a number of new friends.

 He's played in Cuba, Spain, Scotland, Canada and the U.S. and has spent the past two winters playing for the Old Loughtonians in England.

 "I've had a great time," he said. "I wanted to experience the game in a field hockey nation. It was a great experience."

 Kant has been sharing duties with Mike Mahood and says coach Shiaz Virjee has no problem switching goalies if necessary.

 "I know I'll get some playing time," said Kant. "There are some countries I play better against and vice versa."

 The Canadian team is entering the Olympics on a high after winning the silver medal at the America's Cup and compiling a 5-2-1 record at the Pre-Olympic European Tour this past summer.

 "We're coming off our best year ever," said Kant. "We beat or tied every team in the top 10."

 Most of the players going to the Olympics have been on the national team for years. Kant has spent the past eight on the team and says the Games hold special meaning for the team.

 "It's really exciting for us, we're a tight group," says Kant, whose parents will join him in Sydney. "We've been to Pan Am Games and World Cups, but there is a special feeling to the Olympics."

-- LISA BURKE -- Ottawa Sun

2000 Games
Sept. 28: Men: Canada def. Poland 3-2 in classification game, advancing to ninth-place playoff against Spain.
Sept. 26: Men: Canada tied Malaysia 1-1 to finish with 0-2-3 record in Pool A round-robin play.
Sept. 24: Canada tied Britain 1-1, putting the Canadians at 0-2-2 in Pool A.
Sept. 20: Canada lost 5-2 to the Netherlands, dropping to 0-2-1 in Pool A round-robin play.
Sept. 20: Canada lost 2-1 to Germany, dropping to 0-1-1 in Pool A round-robin play.
Sept. 16: Canada tied Pakistan 2-2 in preliminary round game.

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