SEARCH 2000 Games

Friday, July 14, 2000
PROFILE: Genevieve Jeanson
Jeanson's silver lining hard to take

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. (CP) -- There was an awkward moment at the podium yesterday when Genevieve Jeanson hesitated to accept second prize at the Canadian cycling championships.

The 18-year-old sensation from Montreal had been beaten by six seconds in the individual time trial by four-time champion Clara Hughes of Winnipeg, but confusion over traffic on the course had prompted a protest.

The race commissioners met for two hours and decided Hughes was not at fault for racing the final kilometre of the 27.6-kilometre route on the wrong side of the road.

And it was Hughes's comment -- "That's so bad!" -- that prompted Jeanson to ignore her angry entourage and step onto the podium to accept second prize.

"I don't want to say anything about it," Jeanson said afterward, before going to her team van for a long cry.

"I think she showed a lot of class going to the podium," said Hughes. "If that was me in that position, I wouldn't have accepted the (winner's) jersey.

"I said that, and then she made up her own mind and went up."

Immediately after the race, Jeanson had been quite content with her performance. She and Hughes, the 1996 Olympic bronze medallist, had finished more than two minutes ahead of the next closest rider, Leah Goldstein of Vancouver.

She had proven to the committee that will select Canada's Olympic team after the four-day meet ends on Sunday that she deserved to go to the 2000 Games in Sydney, Australia.

"I knew I had a good time," Jeanson had said.

"I was in total control. I did what I wanted and that's why I'm so happy."

Hughes said she was misdirected into the wrong lane by officials at the turn and lost time by having to break to avoid a pick-up truck that had found its way onto the course, and then for slow-moving cars in her lane.
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