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A Canadian family's canoe trip through the far north

The verdict
(By Kyle and Brendan)

"When we got to the McFarlane river we paddled upstream and along the edges of the river. We saw some huge pike so we got our fishing rods out again. Some of the pike probably hadn't even seen a fishing lure before. One time I threw a lure across to top of the water like a wrist shot and a pike jumped up and grabbed my lure. There was one big pike that I caught that must have been really hungry. He already had a big fish inside its mouth when it went after my lure."

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    Formed by the effects of thousands of years of glaciation and river activity, Canada's Athabascan Sand Dune region is home to some of the largest dunes, and one of the largest dune fields, of any northern region of the world.
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  • Rolf and Debra Kraiker are professional authors, photographers and wilderness guides who own and operate the Blazing Paddles school of canoe instruction in Shanty Bay, Ontario