McDonald's launches take-home ground coffee

McDonald's in Canada has rolled out take-home ground coffee. (Marketwire/McDonald's Canada)

McDonald's in Canada has rolled out take-home ground coffee. (Marketwire/McDonald's Canada)


, Last Updated: 10:40 AM ET

McDonald's Canada has launched a range of take-home, ground coffee to expand their McCafé offerings and likewise encroach on a segment of the market dominated by rivals Tim Horton's and Starbucks.

The company is increasingly shifting its focus on the profitable drinks business, having launched a range of espresso-based specialty drinks last year.

McDonald's medium roast McCafé Premium Roast take-home coffee is made with finely ground Arabica beans in a 340g bag and will initially be sold at an introductory price of $6.99 CAD (€5.50).

The take-home coffee could be seen as a strategic strike against the country's leading coffee brand Tim Horton's, a quintessentially Canadian company that carries a patriotic attachment for consumers there.

Their tins of of takeaway ground coffee are also popular among Canadian households.

Conversely, in a bid to appeal to mainstream palates, Starbucks also rejigged their coffee offerings last year with the launch of a Starbucks Blonde Roast, a lighter roast, light-bodied coffee developed to meet the needs of 40 percent of American coffee drinkers who said they preferred lighter cups of Joe.

McDonald's take-home ground coffee is also set to roll out in the US, as the company filed a trademark that would use its name for ground and whole bean coffees last month.