Microsoft manlier than Apple: study




, Last Updated: 9:55 AM ET

A new study into the changing role of men and buying habits discovers that Microsoft resonates more strongly with men of all ages than any other brand.

In all, the study by consumer insights company Annalect, published this week, polled the opinions of over 1,500 U.S. adults (751 men and 758 women) across three age categories: 18-32, 33-49 and 50+.

When asked to pick their favourite brands from a list, only 33-to-49-year-old men didn't make Microsoft their top pick -- they put it second behind Nike -- but in each case, the software company beat Apple.

The iPhone maker was the third most popular brand among participants aged 49 or under and fifth most popular for those aged 50+, not just behind Microsoft, but behind Levi's, Coca-Cola and McDonald's too.

When asked about who was responsible for making household decisions regarding purchases, men's power appeared to lie within technology.

When it came to buying a computer, 61% of men said that they were the sole decision maker when it came to picking what to buy. Only 2% of men said that they weren't involved in any way in the decision-making process.

And it's a similar story when it comes to video games consoles (60% of men are the sole decision-makers), digital media devices (54%), wearable technology (53%), mobile devices (50%) and cars (50%).

However, when it came to making home improvement purchases, 63% of men said that the decision was shared and 11% had no say, while in the area of home appliances, only 36% of men claimed to be the sole decision maker; 54% said that purchases were chosen together.

The category of purchase where men were least likely to have a say is children's apparel and accessories. Only 22% of men said that they made the decision about what to buy, while 48% said it was a joint decision and 30% said that they weren't involved in the decision-making process.