Calgary companies trying to lure English, Irish workers

The scene of a recent job fair in Dublin, one of several markets the Calgary Economic Development...

The scene of a recent job fair in Dublin, one of several markets the Calgary Economic Development hopes to tap for employment needs. (Photo courtesy Calgary Economic Development)

Katie Schneider, Calgary Sun

, Last Updated: 12:54 PM ET

CALGARY -- Now hiring: Irish and English workers wanting to make a living and a life in Calgary.

Calgary Economic Development hopes to put the city on the map as a destination for job-seekers living in Ireland and England as part of a campaign showcasing Calgary as a great place to work and live.

The organization is leading a delegation of Calgary companies to Dublin and Cork, Ireland, and Manchester, England, until Monday in an effort to tap into the nations’ pools of skilled workers and lure them here.

Mary Moran of the Calgary Economic Development said Ireland and England were identified during a 2012 supply-and-demand study that looked at top occupations required by Calgary companies over the next 10 years and where talent could be found.

High-demand jobs include those in the energy sector, hotel industry, post-secondary institutions, information technology, commercial development and the City of Calgary.

“Irish have been moving for work for many, many years so they are a very mobile group, they like to go get world experiences and as importantly they integrate really well into a jurisdiction like Calgary,” Moran said.

“The other thing about Ireland is its highly educated people … and one of the things we say is we want to attract the best and brightest so going to a very highly educated pool like that is really important.”

In October 2012, a delegation of companies went to Dublin and Glasgow, Scotland, to recruit 200 workers, and those in this mission hope to do the same this time around through the job expos.

“It’s as much as about selling a place to make a life for your family as it is about getting a job,” she said.

And the mission is timely, as earlier this month, 10,700 visas were announced for Irish citizens between the ages of 18 and 35 to travel and work in Canada for up to two years.

This mission is part of the Calgary — Be Part of the Energy marketing campaign launched in 2011.