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By gathering together the resources involved in the job-search process, The National Job Fair & Training Expo provides job seekers an array of services -- all under one roof.

There are four main pavilions -- the Employment Pavilion, the Training & Education Pavilion, the new Biz Launch Self-Employment Pavilion and the Employment Services Pavilion -- covering every aspect of the job-search process: jobs, careers, training, education, employment services, self-employment and entrepreneurship.

The world is full of opportunities, and The National Job Fair & Training Expo aims to offer a world of opportunities too!

The Employment Pavilion

This pavilion welcomes employers of all types and from all sectors who are offering a vast selection of positions.

Job seekers will find private and public companies, employment agencies, and government agencies and services -- all looking for professional and/or technical personnel, experienced candidates, new graduates and students.

Offers are as varied as the job market -- full- or part-time, temporary, seasonal, casual, volunteer and bilingual.

This pavilion is for those who are interested in finding a job or who are ready for a career change.

The Training & Education Pavilion

This pavilion welcomes professional and specialized training institutions, educational facilities, continuing-education centres and coaching organizations -- all important and essential in helping job seekers build their future.

This pavilion is for those people who are interested in training and education programs, who are contemplating a career change or who want to know more about job-search techniques.

Training and education facilities offer job seekers information that will help them keep an open mind about taking their careers in a new direction. Through training, candidates have access to exciting new opportunities. The Training & Education Pavilion allows candidates to learn about future job trends -- a critical part of The National Job Fair & Training Expo.

The Biz Launch Self-Employment Pavilion

Self-Employment is the fastest-growing occupation in Canada.

Affordable technology, increasing global trade, supportive government, Baby Boomers and a growing desire among working age Canadians to "be your own boss" are some factors fuelling an unprecedented rise in the number of people choosing entrepreneurship.

Created in partnership with entrepreneurship experts at Biz Launch (, the Biz Launch Self-Employment Pavilion will feature on-site information, resources, assistance, career transition and support specifically for self-employment.

The Pavilion will attract people exploring self-employment and/or ready to begin the process of small business start-up.

The Employment Services Pavilion

This pavilion welcomes employment services, career centres, counselling services, coaching organizations, self-employment services and non-profit organizations (job, career and training organizations related).

It gives those who need support and employment resources the opportunity to get judicious advice in their job search.

Also on-site

The Jobs Avenue: A must-see! Hundreds of jobs, training and services posted!

Public Presentation Area: During the exhibition, there will be 18 presentations (nine per day) of 45 minutes each in the Public Presentation Area to cover various topics of the job market.

Conference Area: During the exhibition, there will be eight seminars (four per day) of 90 minutes each in the Conference Area (Biz Launch Self-Employment Pavilion) to cover various topics of self- employment and new business start-up.

The site is completed with an interview area, the visitors' information desks, the rest area and the public restaurant.

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