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Durham ACE program prepares adult students

Adult learners now have an ACE up their sleeve in their search for a fast-track to high school equivalency thanks to a program that is specifically geared to prepare them for success in today's competitive work and educational environments.

The newly approved ACE program (Academic and Career Entrance) replaces what had been known for years in Ontario as the BTSD program (Basic Training for Skills Development) and is being

offered through Durham College.

Revised program

The revised program offers more specific options to better prepare adult learners for success in their career preparation for college or apprenticeship programs. It also meets the needs of employers who

increasingly require all personnel to have a minimum of a high school diploma.

"The revisions made to the curriculum in designing the new ACE program allow colleges to meet the needs of a much wider range of adults who have not finished high school or do not have the subjects necessary for admission to post-secondary education," says Jeanette Barrett, Durham College's dean of Academic & Career Preparation. "Whatever direction they are heading, they will get there more quickly and with a better chance of success under the new ACE program because it can be customized to their needs."

More than ever, completion of high school is a necessity for a good career and comfortable lifestyle in Canada, she says.

Education a must

According to the Government of Canada's Innovation Strategy document, published by HRSD in 2002, it is predicted that by 2004, more than 70% of all new jobs created in Canada will require some form of post-secondary education and only 6% of the new jobs will be held by those who have not yet finished high school.

Durham College operates on a continuous intake for the ACE program. New students are accepted each week so seats are always available.

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