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Maximize your prospects

By Susan Poizner
Special to The Toronto Sun

Follow the recommendations below to improve your chances of finding the right job.

Familiarize yourself

Walk the aisles to get a feel for the layout and to locate exhibitors. Study the floor plan. Identify which exhibitors you want to talk to by looking at the official program distributed at the admission desk. Leave room for the unexpected -- a company you did not select the first time around may have an offer for you.

Keep your eyes and ears open

Before meeting with a recruiter, take a few moments to observe. Hearing his or her answers to questions from other candidates may provide you with tips about what that particular company is looking for. You'll be better prepared when you ask your own questions, and your answers will better fill the employer's criteria.

Stay positive

There is a lot of action on-site. Stay positive at all times -- being there, in person, to meet the right people is always better than sending a resume that could quickly be filed away. Attitude comprises your personality, verbal expression, acceptance, assertion, self-image, etc.

Be enthusiastic

Leave negativity at the door! Enthusiasm is IN. Smiling is IN. Positive attitude is IN. Constructive opinions are IN. Enthusiasm ranks highly in a work environment.

Be patient

The event welcomes the largest attendance in the job and career fair industry in Ontario. As a result, you may have to wait in line. Remember: Patience is a virtue.


Networking is a vital strategy. While you are waiting in line, talk to other candidates. You may hear about opportunities. You might meet someone who will change your career.

Show initiative

When you meet with recruiters, the first thing to do is shake hands and introduce yourself. This is the place and time to show initiative. Take charge and make things happen!

Ask for a business card

After you meet with a recruiter and before leaving his or her booth, ask for this key card. If they don't have one, note the contact info.

Make contact one last time

Before leaving, make a last contact with those employers with whom you developed a strong interest. Thank the recruiters again for their time. Mention that you'll be calling in a day or two for a follow-up and that you look forward to speaking with them soon.

Do a follow-up!

Following up is critical. Send a thank-you note to remind the recruiter you are interested. You can call the recruiter, and when the call is over, make sure you can answer this critical question: What's the next step? The right follow-up increases your chance of moving on to the next step of the recruitment process.

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