xx Monday, October 26, 1998

For Halloween snack, try spooky spuds

 Spooky spuds are frightfully fun creatures for Halloween snacking and are also good to eat -- quick, before they eat you.

 The base of each is a warm, baked potato. A variety of vegetables or condiments can be used to make the scary faces, witchy hats and other Halloweeny details. The decorations are easily fixed onto the potato by making small holes and pressing the decorations into them.
For Halloween feasting, Spooky Spud is a frightfully fun creature, good to eat, based on a warm, dressed-up baked potato with veggies poked into it. (CP PHOTO)

 Spooky Spuds

 1 baked potato per person
 Assorted raw vegetables
 Suggested vegetable decorations:
 Eggplant pieces for hat
 Bright red, yellow or green bell pepper (see note) slices for nose, mouth, arms and feet
 Corn kernels for eyes
 Carrot sticks for hair

 Additional suggestions for decoration: baby carrots, sugar snap peas, peas, olives, cucumbers.

 To assemble spooky spuds:

 After baking, let potatoes cool to touch. Select vegetables to create the potato character and decide where features will be attached. Make small holes, perhaps using the tip of a turkey baster, deep enough to hold vegetables securely. Gently press the vegetables into the holes. A dab of honey can be used to attach small vegetables.

 Note: small chili peppers are among vegetables used for the example shown in the photograph. Chili peppers vary in degree of heat, and some may be too hot for children.