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  July 24, 1999

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WWF wars heating up

By GLENN COLE -- Toronto Sun
 It will be a hot time in the old town tonight -- especially if you are in the SkyDome and the roof is closed.
 The World Wrestling Federation returns to Toronto on the eve of a pay-per-view show in Buffalo tomorrow night with all of its heavy hitters scheduled to appear.
 Hunter Hearst Helmsley, who finally seems to be back in the good graces of the corporate bosses, battles WWF heavyweight champion Stone Cold Steve Austin, softening him up for a first-blood match tomorrow at the Marine Midland Arena against The Undertaker. The Taker's Toronto foe will be none other than the Big Show, in a cage match. The Rock takes on Big Bossman in a nightstick-on-a-pole match in the card's other featured bout.
 Nothing major is likely to happen tonight because people across the United States and Canada are expecting to see the Undertaker-Austin bloodbath on pay-per-view (Viewer's Choice, 8 p.m. tomorrow). Bell time tonight is 8 p.m.
 GOLDBERG RETURNS: Goldberg, who apparently has a new deal with WCW, made a forceful return Monday night to make the save for Hulk Hogan and Sting, who were getting pounded.
 In an effort to raise its moribund television ratings, WCW has embarked on a different course of angles and with the addition of former ECW star Shane Douglas, there is some hope. There is enough talent in the Atlanta-based group, but it just has to be used properly.
 And no more predictions from this corner. The Kevin Nash title loss was a surprise but it all makes sense now, especially with Nash back as a heel.
 HERE AND THERE: The Hardcore Wrestling Federation invades Centennial Hall tonight in London at 7:30 p.m. with a card featuring Dan (The Beast) Severn vs. Geza Kalman, Jr.; Iron Sheik & L'Artiste vs. Jimmy (Superfly) Snuka in a handicap cage match; and the Hollywood Hunks, Custom Made Man and Gord Rease, among others. For more details call (519) 672-1968 ... Those who have been clamouring for the ECW in Canada will be happy with the news that Viewer's Choice will be carrying that group's pay-per-views starting in mid-September ... Vince McMahon will appear on TSN's Off the Record at 6 p.m. Tuesday night in an interview conducted at Titan Towers ... The AWA is making a comeback in Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan and Illinois with the likes of Greg (The Hammer) Valentine, Tito Santana, Honky Tonk Man, George (The Animal) Steele and John Tenta appearing on its cards ... Chris Jericho worked his last match for WCW last week ... Word is that Sable (Rena Mero) will be settling her lawsuit against the WWF out of court ... Scott Hudson filled in admirably doing play-by-play on WCW Nitro last week. Any break from Tony Schiavone is welcome ... Too Cold Scorpio will be busy in this area next month. On Aug. 10, he will work a CWA card at the Medieval Times at Exhibition Place as he meets Sabu in a falls-count-anywhere street fight. Then he moves over to London where he will appear on a UCW card at Fanshawe Community College Fitness Centre in London, battling Arrogant Otis Apollo. Edge and Christian of the WWF will team up that night to battle Scott d'Amore and Rhino.
 BODY SLAMMED: Many in the United States have worked themselves into a lather because Jesse (The Body) Ventura will be a referee at the WWF's Summerslam in Minnesota next month. Some think it's undignified for the governor of Minnesota to step into the ring again. Getting Ventura was a plus for the WWF, especially considering his recent criticism of the group. Working the show isn't a big plus for Ventura, but give him credit for being himself and doing what he wants to do ... Worth a look -- WOW. It's a new wrestling magazine with good features and good pictures of many of your favourite mat stars.
 Glenn Cole's wrestling column appears every other Saturday.