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  March 30, 1998

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Stone Cold and Tyson stun Michaels

By GLENN COLE -- Toronto Sun
  Stone Cold Steve Austin is the new WWF heavyweight champion.

And Shawn Michaels is trying figure out what went wrong last night during Wrestlemania 14 at Boston's FleetCenter.

Michaels figured he had it all under control when he coaxed Iron Mike Tyson, the guest enforcer for the match, into joining De-Generation-X. But with the regular referee incapacitated, it was Tyson who laid down a fast three-count after Austin laid out Michaels with the Stone-Cold Stunner.

Michaels had missed his patented kick move, the Sweet Chin Music, twice before running right into Austin's finishing move.

When he got up, Michaels made a bee-line for Tyson who was holding an "Austin 3:16" T-shirt and, after jawing with the former heavyweight boxing champion, took a swing and missed. Tyson, who was booed at the beginning of the night and cheered at end, landed a right hand and after Michaels dropped to the canvas, Tyson covered the former champion's face with the T-shirt.


Meanwhile, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, with the help of a low blow delivered by Chyna, retained the European title by pinning Owen Hart. Helmsley, though, couldn't do anything to help Michaels.

Both Helmsley and his amazon cohort had been ordered by the referee to leave ringside early in the match. They conveniently complied.

Earlier, Kane drew wild applause when he tombstoned former baseball great Pete Rose, who was serving as guest ring announcer and bad-mouthing the inept Red Sox. Rose never did get to introduce the Undertaker, who was preceded to the ring by torch-carrying druids.

And despite being dominated for much of the match, the Undertaker prevailed, but it took three tombstones to beat his alleged brother.

The Legion of Doom, with new manager Sunny, returned to action to win the 15-tag team battle royal and will meet Chainsaw Charlie and Cactus Jack for the title next month.

That pair easily handled The New Age Outlaws to capture the WWF tag-team straps in a dumpster match.

Ken Shamrock had the Intercontinental title in his grasp, but the wild-eyed grappler was disqualified after he snapped and refused to break his submission ankle lock on Rocky Maivia.

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