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  March 31, 1998

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Waltman rips Bischoff, Hogan on Raw


Waltman and Helmsley on last night's Raw broadcast.
 Terminated by WCW while off recuperating from an injury, Sean Waltman (a.k.a Syxx, the 1-2-3 Kid) returned to his old stomping grounds tongue-lashing his former boss Eric Bischoff and nWo leader Hollywood Hogan live on Monday Night Raw.

Real-life bud and fellow Kliq member Hunter-Hearst Helmsley introduced Waltman saying that Shawn Michaels "dropped the ball" at WrestleMania XIV and that he was taking it upon himself to form a new D-Generation X gang.

"The first thing you do is look to your blood. You look to your buddies. You look to your friends. You look to the Kliq," said Helmsley pointing to the rampway. Out strode Waltman wildly crotch-chopping to his heart's content - a gesture that .he was banned from performing on live WCW television.

"You know, when you've been an indentured servant for two years, you run up a lot of feelings. Talk to them Kid," Triple H said handing the mic and the floor over to Waltman.

"First things first. I've got a little something I've got to get off my chest right now. I heard Hulk Hogan come out on television saying that I couldn't cut the mustard," said Waltman referring to a segment on the last WCW Thunder broadcast during which Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash "argued" over Waltman's firing, working the situation into part of their storyline.

"Well, Hulk suck, pal! So, I don't think you have any room to talk about anybody cutting any kind of mustard," spat Waltman. The crowd popped enthusiastically in response.

Waltman, whose new ring handle is rumored to be X-Pac - a combination of D-Generation X and the Wolf Pac - went on to give Hogan some personal advice.

"You'd better not stop short or Eric Bischoff will go so far up your ass he'll know what you had for breakfast," he advised.

Rejoining the WWF a matter of days after he was released from WCW last week, Waltman also commented on the other two Kliq members remaining in the rival federation saying Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, two of the highest paid wrestlers today, weren't with The Kliq and back in the WWF because they are being "held hostage" by Bischoff.

Last go around in the WWF, Waltman (as the 1-2-3 Kid) held the Tag Team Titles with his then partner Bob Holly. As the nWo's Syxx in WCW, Waltman had a short stint as Cruiserweight champion.