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  March 31, 1999

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Hitman wasn't kidding, he's left WCW

HITMAN Bret Hart says it isn't an angle. He's gone from WCW. (Photo: Ken Kerr - Toronto Sun)

By RYAN PYETTE -- Calgary Sun

  According to Bret Hart, Ted Turner's World Championship Wrestling is now a hit-free zone.

'The Hitman' confirmed he wasn't kidding when he announced `I Quit' to a packed house at Toronto's Air Canada Centre during Monday's taping of WCW Nitro.

"At least I have more time to watch the Calgary Hitmen in the playoffs now," laughed Hart. "Honestly, I'm all wrestled out, I'm not happy, and I'm tired of the way they're using me at WCW.

"I'm always fighting these lame guys, these boring, clumsy guys in the preliminary matches.

"They just haven't used me properly right from the get-go. I should have fought Hollywood Hogan 30 seconds after they signed me.

"I thought I built up a lofty reputation in the World Wrestling Federation to not have to prove myself all over again.

"I think they fumbled the ball here. It's a big miscalculation."

Hart, under contract with WCW until December 1, is still in limbo regarding the legal ramifications of his public statement.

The Hitman made the shocking announcement to the pro-Hart crowd as he ripped off a Calgary Hitmen hockey jersey to display a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey.

The crowd went nuts.

Then, Bill 'Who's Next' Goldberg came into the ring and `speared' Hart, but quickly crumpled to the ground. The Hitman had outsmarted the bald beast by wearing a protective breastplate under his Leafs' garb.

"I've left this open for them (WCW), it could be a story line, I don't know," said Hart. "For once, I felt really good about what I did. I'm willing to hear feedback.

"I'm leaving it up to them.

"They ripped me off in the WWF, but I also feel they've ripped me off here, too, by not using me correctly.

"They told me I was going to be the nWo (New World Order) head recruiter, but then forgot about it.

"I asked what I'm supposed to be doing, and I never found out."

So Hart will now just sit back until someone at WCW decides to define The Hitman's role.

"I don't know if they can sue me for not wrestling," said Hart. "We'll just have to wait and see. I know it'll affect me somehow, but if they stop paying me now, then we'll have a definite breach of contract.

"I've always prided myself on my matches, but when it feels like I can't be a good entertainer, it's a crying shame.

"Unless something magical happens, that's it."

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