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  November 17, 1999

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Relic Hunter presents... Sable vs. Tia
By BILL BRIOUX -- Toronto Sun
Rena Mero, left, and Tia Carrere practice fighting for a closed set fight sequence tomorrow. The scene is a dream sequence, with Rena as an Eqyptian High Priestess and Tia as the series star. The episode will run later this month. -- Ken Kerr, Toronto Sun

On to the gallery!

Okay, I have to admit it: The last time I watched wrestling, the Love Brothers were still wearing paisley pants.

But even I had heard of Sable, the blonde bombshell who could drop a 300-pound man on his head as part of wrestling's sexiest sideshow.

Sable, as wrestling fans know, recently had a big falling out with the WWF. Now going by her own name, Rena Mero, the statuesque ex-wrestling star is pursuing an acting career. She muscled her way to Toronto this week to guest star on Relic Hunter, Tia Carrere's Indiana Jones-ish adventure series (airing locally on CITY-TV).

On a future episode, Mero plays an Egyptian high priestess who puts the whammy on Carrere's fearless history prof., Sydney Fox. Naturally, the gloves come off before the episode's end.

In a costume that owes more to Cheaters than Cheops, Mero playfully poses next to the equally spectacular Carrere in a gold bustier and slashed satin skirt. "The blonde and the brunette wrestling in tight costumes -- what more could you ask for!" says Carrere, who doubts she could take Mero in a real fight. "I dunno -- WWF and all that," she says. "However, I do hail from strong stock."

Together, the two look for all the world like the ultimate Bond girls. Mero cashed in on her WWF fame with two of the hottest selling Playboy covers ever. A third special edition, featuring 100 pages of pure Mero, is currently tucked high up on the stands.

Just in case I missed the mags, her husband Marc Mero, who used to wrestle under the name Johnny B. Badd, cheerfully offers me a couple of covers featuring his nearly naked wife. What a guy!

Pictures of Mero are also one of the biggest draws in cyber space, according to Entertainment Tonight. Her own Web site,, receives up to 330,000 hits a day.

That's also where you can order the latest Reno Mero collectable -- a sizzling Barbie-like doll. Is the doll for kids or dads? "Dads can buy the higher end collectables," she slyly suggests.

Behind all the glitz and glamour, Mero seems like a pretty down-to-earth Florida girl on the P.R. ride of her life. She carefully explained the Playboy photos to her 11-year-old daughter before agreeing to do the shoot.

"I didn't want her to feel that I was doing anything obscene," says Mero. When she later showed the pictures to her daughter, the girl was less impressed than some of her mom's fans. Her comment? "I guess I can see why men like them," she said.

One thing Mero doesn't let her daughter look at is wrestling. "The reason I decided to leave wrestling was because I was being asked to do things that I felt very uncomfortable doing," she says. "Parents who claim wrestling has become way too sexual should do what I do -- turn off the set."

Sable photo gallery

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