Where to go snowshoeing in Canada




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Going snowshoeing is as easy as finding 4 inches of snow and a pair of snowshoes. You can start off in your own backyard or travel with your snowshoes to anywhere in Canada. Some places are official, like national parks and forests, and some are wherever your snowshoes take you. Regardless of your preference, there is no shortage of places to snowshoe anywhere in Canada. If you’re thinking of travelling to enjoy this great sport, here are a few places for you to consider

The household name of snowshoeing in Canada is classically Whistler, B.C. There are a plethora of trails in the region, both groomed and backcountry, for all skill levels. West of Whistler there are more than 8,000 acres of alpine terrain for the experienced snowshoeing adventurers, as well as lodges available by snowmobile or helicopter. Along with trails there are an abundance of snowshoe rentals and guided tours available for you and your family.

You can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Canadian Rockies of Alberta on snowshoe. The National Parks in Banff, Jasper, and Lake Louise offer an interlinking system of trails through the mountains, intertwining the two spectacular regions in both trails and experience. With an abundance of wildlife spotting, these trails make a stunning outing.

Venture through the prairies of Canada and experience the boreal forest and Canadian Shield while snowshoeing the regions. These rugged trails in Moose Mountain and Narrow Hills Provincial Park offer serenity and solitude from the hustle of the city and the opportunity to spend the night enjoying the Northern Lights, on or off your snowshoes.

In Northern Ontario, you can find the perfect wilderness escape at Algonquin Park. Known for its pristine beauty in the summer, with many lodging options and countless trails it is truly a wonderful winter experience. Explore all facets of the park on snowshoe, and consider making your trip an overnight adventure and try your hand at some winter camping as well.

Gros Morn National Park, NFLD, offers snowshoeing trails along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, of combining the winter white of snowshoeing trails with the power of the stormy sea. The scenery is bound to captivate you as you wind through the coastal trails on more snow than you ever thought possible.

No matter where snowshoeing takes you in Canada, you’re sure to be thrilled with the ability to explore winter on foot. Be sure to check your local area for trails and parks, and if travelling with your snowshoes in your luggage is on your things to do this year, the natural beauty of Canada’s snowshoeing trails is guaranteed to please.

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