Disney designs the mascot for Expo 2015 in Milan

Disney's studios in Italy designed the mascot for Expo 2015 in Milan. (All rights reserved)

Disney's studios in Italy designed the mascot for Expo 2015 in Milan. (All rights reserved)


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The next Universal Exposition, set to take place in Milan from May to October 2015, has just revealed its official mascot. Designed by Disney Italia, with inspiration from the 16th-century Milanese painter Arcimboldo, the mascot is a face made of cartoon fruits and vegetables.

Each of the 11 fruits and vegetables pictured -- melon, fig, banana, apple, mango, radish  -- represents a character all its own. Together, they form the face of the mascot, which will be named along with all of its individual components in a competition on the event's website (www.expo2015.org) and social network pages.

The edible face is an apt reference to the theme of Expo 2015, announced as "Feeding the planet, Energy for life." The event will include debates and presentations on some of the major challenges facing humanity today, including how to improve food security and nutrition for the world's growing population while ensuring long-term sustainability, notably through innovation in the fields of food and agriculture. The theme of culinary traditions as an expression of cultural and ethnic heritage will also be explored.

In a press release, the organizers of Expo 2015 note that the face composed of the different fruits "represents the ideal synergy between countries around the world," coming to the event to exchange ideas on the themes at hand.

"The idea is based on the creation of a family of fruits, each with different characteristics and personalities as well as different origins and peculiarities," said Daniel Frigo, President of Disney Italia. "We'll see the fruits interact with humor, intelligence and a touch of the unexpected."

These characters will make their way into a variety of merchandise ahead of Expo 2015 in Milan.