U.S. travel restrictions for Cuba to lift Friday

Cuba (Kamira / Shutterstock.com)

Cuba (Kamira / Shutterstock.com)


, Last Updated: 12:09 PM ET

Americans will be free to travel to Cuba as of Friday.

After first announcing plans to restore diplomatic relations and lift a 50-year-old trade embargo last month, the US government has made good on its promise and said it will lift travel restrictions effective tomorrow.

That means that pleasure seekers will no longer have to apply for a special license to visit the Caribbean island as was previously required, thanks to categories that allow visits for "educational activities" and "support for the Cuban people."

Likewise, the same applies for travel agents and airlines, which will be authorized to provide travel and air carrier services without the need for a special license.

US travelers will also be able to use their American credit cards and import $400 worth of goods, including $100 worth of alcohol or tobacco products, notably cigars.