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Aussie Slang

The following is a list of popular Australian phrases and slang terms.

"G'day mate." -- hello friend or pal
"Good on 'ya." -- used to congratulate someone. Example: "I got a new job!"
"Good on 'ya."
"She's apples." -- everything is alright.
"Cheers big-ears!" -- a common drinking toast in Queensland.

Commonly used terms:

"arvo" -- afternoon
"agro" -- for aggravated
"barbie" -- barbeque
"bikkie" - biscuit
"bloke" -- male person
"blower" -- telephone
"bonnet" -- hood of a car
"boozer" -- pub
"breakie" -- breakfast
"bushie" -- country dweller
"chewie" -- gum
"dog's breakfast" -- a mess, messy
"dunny" -- toilet
"footy" -- football
"greenie" -- environmentalist
"grid-iron" -- American football
"grundies" -- underwear
"lippy" -- lipstick
"mozzies" mosquitos
"prawns" -- shrimps
"roo" -- kangaroo
"schoolie" -- someone of school age
"sunnies" -- sunglasses
"wrapped" -- state of being very happy

Many Australians are passionate about their beer. Here are a few slang terms used to describe beer:

"amber fluid" - beer
"slab" -- case of beer
"tinnie"- can of beer

Ordering a beer in Australia is complicated by the fact that pints and half-pints have different names in different parts of the country.

"Midi" -- half pint in New South Wales
"Pot" -- half pint in Victoria
"Schooner" -- pint in New South Wales and Victoria
"Handles" and "jugs" -- pints

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