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March 18, 2016

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Sept. 25: Jones hopes to outrun husband's doping case
Sept. 25: IAAF confirms Hunter tested positive
Sept. 25: Hunter hard to ignore
Sept. 25: Drugs stain Jones' quest for five golds
Sept. 25: IOC official accuses U.S. of '88 cover-up
Sept. 25: Shadow moving in on Jones
Sept. 25: Yanks need a clampdown
Sept. 25: Freeman wins women's 400 meters
Sept. 25: Victory welcomed as one for reconciliation
Sept. 25: Freeman stirs emotions one more time
Sept. 25: Freeman wins women's 400 meters
Sept. 25: Victory welcomed as one for reconciliation
Sept. 25: Freeman stirs emotions one more time
Sept. 25: MJ ends amateur career with 400m gold
Sept. 25: Johnson's win an afterthought on Freeman's night
Sept. 25: Katie Anderson hurt in hurdles
Sept. 25: Mutola wins one for homeland -- finally
Sept. 25: Dragila wins first women's pole vault
Sept. 25: Relay team in a shambles
Sept. 25: Greene among six picked for U.S. 400 relay team
Sept. 25: Montgomery will run in 10,000
Sept. 25: Devers advances
Sept. 25: 'Hep' cat Lewis puts beat to injuries
Sept. 25: El Guerrouj among qualifiers
Sept. 25: Just another big flop
Sept. 25: Fate frowns on Sotomayor
Sept. 25: Long jumpers make their peace
Sept. 25: Powell in tears as he watches from stands
Sept. 24: Boswell sixth in wet high jump
Sept. 24: Sotomayor wins silver medal
Sept. 24: Athletes get soaked Sunday in Sydney
Sept. 24: Tunks advances to discus final
Sept. 24: Relay squad appears doomed
Sept. 24: Bruny's long walk home
Sept. 24: Quick end to a long nightmare
Sept. 24: Takahashi triumphs with marathon record
Sept. 24: Takahashi wins women's marathon
Sept. 24: Woodley advances in 110-metre hurdles
Sept. 24: Life parceled out a quarter-mile at a time
Sept. 24: Suzy Hamilton set for 1,500
Sept. 24: Medal pressure builds on Boswell
Sept. 24: Javelin's greatest thrower is Czech, mate
Sept. 24: Jones alone
Sept. 24: Johnson, Crear run to easy wins
Sept. 24: Greene: 'You work four years for nine seconds'
Sept. 23: Surin vows to race again
Sept. 23: Surin fails to advance to 100 metres final
Sept. 23: Antoine advances to semifinal of 400M
Sept. 23: Americans sweep sprints
Sept. 23: Greene the fastest man, Jones fastest woman
Sept. 23: Canadians are relay hurting
Sept. 23: Zelezny wins javelin title for third time
Sept. 23: Whitmarsh fails to advance in men's 800
Sept. 23: Jones moves into 100 final
Sept. 23: Surreal scene at Olympic track
Sept. 23: Tough day for U.S. athletes at the track
Sept. 23: Olympic failure bittersweet end to Deal's career
Sept. 23: Boz clap turns on Oz
Sept. 23: Finn wins gold in shotput
Sept. 23: Perec arrives in Paris
Sept. 23: In the end, it was sad
Sept. 23: Bruny? Maybe
Sept. 23: The king is dead!
Sept. 23: Bailey still a champ in defeat
Sept. 23: Bailey didn't have to run ... he wanted to
Sept. 22: Canuck pair in high jump final
Sept. 22: Surin advances to semifinals; Bailey out
Sept. 22: 'Not good at all'
Sept. 22: The heat was on
Sept. 22: Surin's woes a shock to his sprint foes
Sept. 22: Despite confusion, Surin makes it to second round
Sept. 22: No walk in the park
Sept. 22: Mexican disqualified in 20K walk
Sept. 22: Harju wins shot put gold
Sept. 22: Unknown athletes soldier on
Sept. 22: Top sprinters have friendly bet
Sept. 22: German runner loses last-ditch appeal
Sept. 22: Three Clarks in 800 semifinals
Sept. 22: Johnson easily wins first-round heat
Sept. 21: End near for Canuck sprint duo
Sept. 21: Marion's show about to begin
Sept. 21: Surin won't make repeat mistake in sprint
Sept. 21: Lyons makes a deal
Sept. 21: Robin's 'darkest day'
Sept. 21: German runner files last-ditch appeal
Sept. 21: Bailey vows to defend title
Sept. 21: Perec withdraws from Olympics
Sept. 21: Ailing Bailey to give it a go
Sept. 21: Bailey feels run down
Sept. 21: Bailey still hopes to run in Olympics
Sept. 20: Bailey hit with virus
Sept. 20: Lyons admits to infraction, denies intent
Sept. 20: Show begins for Marion, Michael and Maurice
Sept. 20: See how the sisters run
Sept. 20: Johnson, Perec begin defense
Sept. 20: Surin says gold is possible
Sept. 20: Inger Miller out of 100
Sept. 20: Greene machine ready to roll in Sydney
Sept. 20: Greene and Boldon prepare for showdown
Sept. 20: Capel blasts sprint foe Greene as 'quitter'
Sept. 19: Miller questionable because of injury
Sept. 19: Nothstein must beat nemesis to reach gold
Sept. 19: Johnson plans for big farewell
Sept. 19: 400m favorites have traveled different paths
Sept. 19: Shot put champion, runner suspended
Sept. 19: Frenchman still hopes to run marathon
Sept. 18: Runners threatened to boycott relays over Ottey
Sept. 18: German Olympic champ suspended two years
Sept. 17: Fredericks forced to pull out
Sept. 17: Namibia's only Olympic medalist withdraws
Sept. 17: Seven-year streak on the line
Sept. 17: Montgomery hopes to run in 10,000 metres
Sept. 16: Hurdler deserves attention
Sept. 16: Cheaters still on track: Gilbert
Sept. 16: Baumann case heard by arbitration panel
Sept. 15: Freeman lights Olympic flame
Sept. 15: Bailey seeking 'the impossible'
Sept. 15: Burundi sends six runners to Sydney
Sept. 15: Former world champion hurt
Sept. 15: Lewis: Marion Jones in unjustified position
Sept. 14: Track horror looms large
Sept. 14: Long jumpers angry at Aussie's racial slurs
Sept. 14: Changing of the guard
Sept. 14: He wears the pants
Sept. 14: Relay runner Jones plays waiting game
Sept. 14: Unknowns deliver good stuff
Sept. 14: Nelson goes from No. 6 in U.S. to No. 1 in world
Sept. 14: Panel opens to rule on Baumann
Sept. 13: Boldon ready for big test
Sept. 13: Customs serves summons on Uzbek coach
Sept. 13: Triple jump champion may start despite injury
Sept. 11: Track team goes into Games with injuries
Sept. 11: World champion shot putter withdraws
Sept. 11: Coach was taking hormone for skin disorder, official says
Sept. 10: Canadians win four events at pre-meet
Sept. 10: Athlete must return fiance's body on her own
Sept. 10: The difference maker
Sept. 10: Ottey runs fast time in hopes of making Jamaican team
Sept. 9: Richardson withdraws from Olympics
Sept. 8: Flags at half-staff for Nigerian athlete killed
Sept. 8: Jacobs withdraws from Olympics
Sept. 8: Harrisons run 1-2 again
Sept. 8: Doping suspension upheld
Sept. 7: Lyons's drug case might go to arbitrator
Sept. 7: Still hammering away
Sept. 6: Lyons files appeal
Sept. 6: 'I'm a victim here'
Sept. 6: Drug test unfair?
Sept. 5: Lyons kicked off Canadian team
Sept. 7: Blind runner receiving encouraging responses
Sept. 7: World shot put champion has surgery
Sept. 7: Australians come to aid of relay team
Sept. 6: Olympic gold all that matters
Sept. 5: Powell willing to skip opening ceremony
Sept. 4: Boswell off to bad start in Australia
Sept. 4: Sprint records unlikely at Olympics
Sept. 4: Sprint records unlikely at Olympics
Sept. 3: Shorter wants more stringent drug testing
Sept. 3: Shorter wants more stringent drug testing
Sept. 3: Jones talks about family life
Sept. 3: Spain's Cacho pulls out of Olympic Games
Sept. 3: Michael Johnson cruises in 400
Sept. 2: Johnson loyal to college coach Hart
Sept. 2: Freeman carries hopes of nation, Aborigines
Sept. 2: Report: Chinese hopeful tests positive
Sept. 1: Boswell wins men's high jump
Sept. 1: Australian Olympic head apologizes over slur
Aug. 31: 'A note don't know who blew it'
Aug. 30: Racial slurs offend American jumpers
Aug. 31: Bailey talks like conqueror
Aug. 31: Top stars want to send signal
Aug. 30: Surin says he's saving it all for Sydney
Aug. 30: Rudolph struggles to conquer anemia
Aug. 29: Surin to skip two major races
Aug. 29: Bailey reins it in during soggy sprint
Aug. 28: Bailey eighth in England
Aug. 28: Bailey says pressure is off
Aug. 28: Harrisons making double trouble for opponents
Aug. 28: U.S. team living different life
Aug. 28: Dunn succeeds in track's 'stupidest' event
Aug. 27: Christie will coach
Aug. 27: Race walker walking on financial edge
Aug. 25: Bailey eighth at Van Damme meet
Aug. 25: Christie withdraws credential application
Aug. 25: Allan throws hat into Olympic ring
Aug. 24: Bruny delays return to track
Aug. 24: Triple jumper turning vicious again -- on track
Aug. 23: Distance runner relishes Olympic opportunity
Aug. 23: Sotomayor: out but Olympics not at risk
Aug. 22: Sotomayor injured in high jump
Aug. 22: High jumper getting accustomed to Olympics
Aug. 21: Christie, two others, suspended by IAAF
Aug. 20: With grace and speed, Jones ready for Sydney
Aug. 20: Nordic countries to protest decision to cut Sotomayor's ban
Aug. 20: Two top female 400-metre runners to face off
Aug. 19: Jones' bid highlights attempts for rare feats
Aug. 19: Bergqvist ties second-best high jump
Aug. 18: Sotomayor proves an Olympic medal threat
Aug. 18: Butler misses British squad
Aug. 17: 'She's a Canadian'
Aug. 17: Cold weather hits final Olympic tune-up
Aug. 17: Cuban officials won't allow 2 to compete
Aug. 16: Sotomayor looks toward Olympic glory
Aug. 15: Surin feeling OK
Aug. 15: Cuban officials blast athlete fighting
Aug. 15: European 400-metre champion not chosen
Aug. 14: Halvari will miss Olympics
Aug. 14: Sotomayor to make comeback at low-key meet
Aug. 14: Sprinters await IAAF arbitration ruling
Aug. 14: English sprint sensation says No to Olympics
Aug. 14: The whiz kid
Aug. 14: Browne's hopes run high
Aug. 13: New kid on the blocks
Aug. 13: So, who is this Greek White Hope?
Aug. 13: Leap of faith
Aug. 13: Jumpers packing 1-2 punch
Aug. 13: Relay torch gets passed
Aug. 12: Leaping into the limelight
Aug. 12: Surin wins 100m
Aug. 11: Surin believes he can defeat Greene
Aug. 11: Running mates
Aug. 11: Bailey: Relay will 'do it again'
Aug. 11: Montalvo decision defended
Aug. 10: Waiver granted for Chen
Aug. 10: Injury bug takes bite out of track team
Aug. 10: Greene to make comeback from injury
Aug. 9: Boateng calls decision "completely unjust"
Aug. 9: Bailey hoping to race in Monaco
Aug. 9: Meagher withdraws from Olympic trials
Aug. 9: Blind runner overwhelmed by fan support
Aug. 9: Family illness weighs on Edwards' plans
Aug. 8: Sotomayor to train in Spain
Aug. 8: NCAA long jump champ lands Olympic spot
Aug. 7: Nolan's 80% misses Sydney trip by 13.3%
Aug. 7: Freeman back on track after leg injury
Aug. 5: Kenya will not replace Lagat
Aug. 5: One for the good guys
Aug. 4: Jones admits she needs a little help
Aug. 4: 'We have lots of time'
Aug. 4: IAAF: Sotomayor failed other doping test
Aug. 3: Sotomayor will fight to clear his name
Aug. 3: Reinstating drug cheat a dopey move
Aug. 2: Sotomayor eligible for Olympics
July 31: Sotomayor awaits ruling on appeal
Aug. 3: Running on empty
Aug. 2: Bailey stumbles into another injury
Aug. 1: Bailey injures hamstring in Stockholm
Aug. 1: IAAF seeks to restore order in drug hearings
Aug. 1: Star British runner to miss Olympics
July 31: Germany plans to take smaller team
July 31: Elijah Lagat back on Kenya Olympic team
July 31: Politicians race to enlist Freeman
July 30: To Sydney, with luck
July 30: Jesse's whirl
July 29: Boston Marathon champ joins Kenyan team
July 29: Injuries force hurdler to switch sports
July 28: Greene to miss meet with Bailey, Surin
July 27: Report: Shot put hopeful admits taking drugs
July 27: Gilbert relays glad tidings
July 25: Brit cleared of doping charges
July 25: Johnson backing off statements
July 24: Kenyan marathoner shot by carjackers
July 24: Freeman enjoying being away from pressures
July 24: Walker appeals drug suspension
July 24: Jones in quest of a record five golds
July 23: Johnson and Greene both pull up
July 22: Three top Kenyans fail to win Sydney berths
July 21: Loroupe qualifies for Sydney
July 21: Keeping up with this Jones is not easy
July 21: Ottey: sprint queen, symbol in Jamaica
July 21: Ottey says she'll be 'fastest Jamaican'
July 20: Dragila breaking ground
July 20: Bailey runs to Casablanca
July 20: Ngeny leads qualifiers in 1,500-meter event
July 19: Cameras unlikely to run for track stars
July 19: Greene climbing 100-meter ladder
July 19: Huffins carries decathlon mantle
July 18: Dan O'Brien to miss Olympics
July 18: Johnson fires back at Greene
July 18: Jones, Miller to race in London
July 17: Harrison twins hoping to run relay
July 17: Lister wins long jump
July 15: Runyan refuses to make excuses
July 14: Baumann cleared of doping
July 14: Lure of fifth Olympics too great
July 14: Greene's biggest goal: "Get Michael Johnson"
July 13: IOC defends drug lab
July 12: Montgomery selected for 10,000 metres
July 12: Ottey wins after drug ban is lifted
July 12: Gray seeking fifth Olympic berth
July 12: Surin gearing up for Sydney
July 12: Holman trying to exorcise demons of '96
July 8: Sprint kings in pre-Games showdown
July 7: Perec completes comeback with 400
July 6: Bailey runs cold at Lausanne meet
July 6: Boswell listens to reason
July 4: Bailey hoping to prove himself as a contender
July 4: Ottey reinstated by IAAF
July 1: Pole vaulter breaks ground with each leap
June 29: Sotomayor asks for review of suspension
June 29: Capel hoping to crack Olympic team in sprints
June 29: Yank makes dandy of a donation
June 28: American makes donation to Athletics Canada
June 27: High jumper Sotomayor banned by IAAF
June 26: Long-jumper is short on time
June 25: Baumann qualifies for Olympics
June 24: Age, injury can't stop javelin thrower
June 22: Nike unveils "Swift Suit" for sprinters
June 22: Healthy Hamilton running better than ever
June 18: Tunks aiming for Olympic podium
June 16: Pettigrew takes one final shot at Olympics
June 14: Khannouchi won't make Sydney Games
June 12: Canadian race walker always on the move
May 15: Jones not backing off goal of five gold medals
May 7: DeHaven wins U.S. Olympic marathon trial
May 6: U.S. Olympic marathon trials won't start early
Apr. 26: U.S. vs. the world at Penn Relays
Apr. 5: Nolan clearing Olympic hurdles

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