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PROFILE: Donovan Bailey
Bailey able to pub crawl
By STEVE BUFFERY -- Toronto Sun
  SYDNEY -- Donovan Bailey is too weak and sick to run for the men's 4x100-metre relay team, but he's not too ill to party.
 The 1996 Olympic 100-metre gold medallist and longtime anchor of the powerful Canadian men's relay team, officially withdrew from the competition yesterday because he is still feeling the effects of a viral infection.

Canadians are relay hurting
By STEVE BUFFERY -- Toronto Sun
  SYDNEY -- The once-mighty Canadian men's 4x100-metre relay team is on the brink of total collapse.
 Team stars Bruny Surin and Donovan Bailey may not compete in the relay event next Friday. Surin has an injured hamstring and Bailey has been floored with a viral infection.

In the end, it was sad
By TERRY JONES -- Edmonton Sun
 SYDNEY -- Donovan Bailey was about 50 metres down the track when he pulled the parachute and officially ended an era.
 The former fastest man in the world, the defending Olympic gold medal winner and world champion knew when he pulled up exactly what it meant.

The king is dead!
By STEVE BUFFERY -- Toronto Sun
  SYDNEY -- Donovan Bailey walked out of the Olympic Stadium yesterday, having ended the defence of his 1996 sprint crown a tired and defeated man.
 "It's not how it is supposed to be," Bailey said, his voice rasping from emotion and illness. "I was the king."

Bailey still a champ in defeat
By STEVE SIMMONS -- Toronto Sun
 SYDNEY -- He pulled at the bright red Canadian straps on his shoulders, uncomfortably shuffled his feet and, several times, he bit on his lip to stop himself from crying.
 In stark and sudden Olympic defeat, Donovan Bailey seemed imminently more human than he ever seemed in victory.

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