SEARCH 2000 Games

March 18, 2016
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Sept. 29: Incredible hoops run ends
Sept. 29: It's time to push back
Sept. 29: Big Mac eyes next Olys
Sept. 29: Nash lays the groundwork
Sept. 29: Canuck team a success story
Sept. 29: X-rated Vince ignites U.S.
Sept. 29: U.S. survives South Korea to make finals
Sept. 29: Australia heads to the finals undefeated
Sept. 29: France takes the fifth against Russia
Sept. 29: Slovakia victorious over Poland, takes seventh
Sept. 28: Canadian medal dream dies in sluggish showing
Sept. 28: Canadians shooting for dollars
Sept. 28: Americans avenge 1988-loss to Russia
Sept. 28: Aussies Gaze at semis
Sept. 28: Australia advances past Italy
Sept. 28: Barrett's cashing in
Sept. 28: Feisty South Koreans to challenge U.S. women
Sept. 27: Brazil bounces favoured Russians
Sept. 27: Leslie leads U.S. over Slovakia
Sept. 27: Hoops 'family' comes of age
Sept. 27: Americans not thinking about 1988
Sept. 27: France hard to figure
Sept. 27: Nash's roots extend to pub
Sept. 27: Australia advances by dominating Poland
Sept. 27: Most U.S. players oblivious to US-USSR game
Sept. 26: A new Nash-ional hero
Sept. 26: Nash a sore winner
Sept. 26: Canadian women finish 10th
Sept. 26: New Zealand edges out Senegal
Sept. 26: The real dream team
Sept. 26: Win shocks hoop world
Sept. 26: Canada's success leaves Donohue proud
Sept. 26: Carter's dunk talk of the town
Sept. 26: Spanish men finish 9th
Sept. 26: New Zealand beats Angola to finish 11th
Sept. 25: Canada upsets world champion Yugoslavia
Sept. 25: Carter soars, Canada stuns
Sept. 25: Americans finish preliminaries undefeated
Sept. 25: Imposing center next obstacle for Australia
Sept. 25: Russia easily gets past Angola
Sept. 25: Lithuania wins and waits
Sept. 25: Bittersweet victory for Canada
Sept. 25: Nan leads China past Italy
Sept. 25: Kirk Penney joins some impressive company
Sept. 24: Undefeated USA moves on to medal round
Sept. 24: Knicks' pick moving slowly toward NBA
Sept. 24: Ball in Canada's court
Sept. 24: Formula hurts Canada's chances
Sept. 24: The best of all worlds
Sept. 24: Sean makes his Marks
Sept. 24: Australia goes unbeaten in their pool
Sept. 24: South Korea clinches semi-final berth
Sept. 24: Russia awaits outcome of other games
Sept. 24: Slovakia trounces Senegal
Sept. 23: Canadian men counting on Spain
Sept. 23: Canada tastes its first defeat
Sept. 23: Nash battling through painful injury
Sept. 23: Canada's men's team suffers first loss
Sept. 23: United States decimates New Zealand
Sept. 23: Lithuanians beat China
Sept. 23: Yugoslavia remains perfect in Pool B
Sept. 23: Australia labours to defeat Angola
Sept. 23: Clipboard sums up Holdsclaw's Olympic experience
Sept. 22: Heat star in time for child's birth
Sept. 22: Miracle needed
Sept. 22: Canadian women lose to Slovakia
Sept. 22: Lead them not into temptation
Sept. 22: France stays undefeated
Sept. 22: Australia has easy time with Senegal
Sept. 22: U.S. have easy time with New Zealand
Sept. 22: Almost too close for comfort
Sept. 22: French perfect record continues
Sept. 22: South Korea pulls out win with jump shot
Sept. 22: Three teams still undefeated in men's basketball
Sept. 21: Future is now for teen guard
Sept. 21: Men's hoops team improves to 3-0
Sept. 21: Canadian men clinch third place
Sept. 21: Longley has best game after learning of trade
Sept. 21: U.S. men survive scare against Lithuania
Sept. 21: Myers leads Italy over New Zealand
Sept. 21: France overpowers China by 12 points
Sept. 20: Women's games really are tough
Sept. 20: Getting better but not quite there
Sept. 20: Canadian women fall to 1-2
Sept. 20: Cuba manhandles New Zealand
Sept. 20: Brazil has easy time with Senegal
Sept. 20: Medal hopes could rest on next game
Sept. 20: 'Evil' Vince a new man
Sept. 20: U.S. women come back to defeat Russia
Sept. 20: Mourning about ready to fly home for daughter's birth
Sept. 20: First daughter meets U.S. hoops team
Sept. 19: Mission possible
Sept. 19: Angola no match for Canada
Sept. 19: Griffith stars as a player and mother
Sept. 19: Italy surprises U.S.
Sept. 19: Russia dominates inside against Spain
Sept. 19: The Chinese wall blocks New Zealand
Sept. 18: Canada schools Senegal
Sept. 18: Bouchard leads Canada to victory over Senegal
Sept. 18: Americans roll past Cuba
Sept. 18: U.S. women contain center and subdue Cuba
Sept. 18: An Olympic basketball reunion
Sept. 18: Russians irate at Cuban elbow that ends career
Sept. 18: South Korea destroys New Zealand
Sept. 18: Russia decimates Poland
Sept. 18: High-flying Carter warms up Aussies
Sept. 18: Some great white hope
Sept. 18: Canadian men enjoy net gains
Sept. 18: Canadians upset hosts
Sept. 17: Canadian men open with win over Australia
Sept. 17: Yugoslavia wins tough match over Russia
Sept. 17: Spain dunks lowly Angola
Sept. 17: Italy slips by Lithuania by 2
Sept. 17: France defeats New Zealand
Sept. 17: 'Great Wall' crumbles vs. U.S.
Sept. 17: Why the rest of the world still shows up
Sept. 17: Carter a 'highlight' of ceremony
Sept. 17: Vince Carter signs with Nike
Sept. 17: Hoops debut goes awry
Sept. 17: Injury delays Holdsclaw's Sydney debut
Sept. 16: Aussie women have little trouble with Canada
Sept. 16: U.S. women spared opening disaster
Sept. 16: Poland makes impressive debut
Sept. 16: France pummels Senegal
Sept. 16: Brazil outshoots Slovakia 76-60
Sept. 16: Timing right for Swoopes to come aboard
Sept. 16: Canada scaring its host
Sept. 16: Nash deals with rumours
Sept. 16: Holdsclaw to miss preliminary round
Sept. 16: Vince laces up to Shox world
Sept. 15: U.S., Australian centers already skirmishing
Sept. 15: Fans to crucify Vince?
Sept. 15: Canadian women in tough
Sept. 15: China awaits U.S. men's hoops team
Sept. 15: Younger Dream Team ready
Sept. 15: U.S. men offers up cliches for media
Sept. 15: U.S. men are still the favorites
Sept. 15: Houston has a problem
Sept. 14: Houston may miss first game
Sept. 14: The race is on ... for silver
Sept. 14: Don't take us lightly, Canuck women warn
Sept. 14: Raptor warming Kiwi bench
Sept. 14: Can U.S. keep fielding its best women's team?
Sept. 14: Longley's Olympic strategy
Sept. 13: Leslie, Swoopes evade protesters
Sept. 12: MacCulloch off to smoking start
Sept. 11: Vince 'wanker' episode played up Down Under
Sept. 11: U.S. teams make strange exit from Melbourne hotel
Sept. 11: Protest forces U.S. men to cancel practice
Sept. 9: U.S. basketball opponents send fear to bench
Sept. 9: States get pushed by rough Australia
Sept. 7: Garnett teaches Japanese teen how to dunk
Sept. 7: U.S. crushes Poland in Olympic tune-up
Sept. 6: Canadian team loses to Italy in tourney
Sept. 6: U.S. women crush Slovakia
Sept. 6: Men's team will rely on defence
Sept. 6: U.S. wins another tune-up
Sept. 6: Garnett sits out with hand injury
Sept. 5: U.S. women shows no ill effect after long trip
Sept. 5: Pass the chicken: U.S. romps to victory
Sept. 5: U.S. women shows no ill effect after long trip
Sept. 4: U.S. team arrives in Japan ahead of Carter hype
Sept. 4: Yugoslavia beats Canada in FIBA tourney
Sept. 3: Bouchard puts pro career on hold
Sept. 3: U.S. trounces select team
Sept. 3: Big upsets and comparisons
Sept. 2: The "Vinsanity" show impresses all
Sept. 2: U.S. women down Brazil
Aug. 31: Canada starts on sour note
Aug. 31: The cost of being Canadian
Aug. 31: Tested players put the pee in surprise
Aug. 30: Canadians refuse to be intimidated by U.S.
Aug. 30: Trash-talking Payton named captain
Aug. 29: No hard feelings on hardwood
Aug. 29: Carter, Allen at peace with each other
Aug. 29: Vince puts T-Mac out of mind
Aug. 28: Shareef finally finds a stage
Aug. 27: Alonzo puts Heat on Riley
Aug. 27: Youthful exuberance infects U.S. hoops team
Aug. 27: U.S. team prepares for Brazil
Aug. 26: U.S.A. clobbers Canada
Aug. 26: Carter gears up for the world
Aug. 24: American Olympic team gathers
Aug. 23: U.S. women pummel Canada again
Aug. 22: Canadian women's team crushed by U.S.
Aug. 22: U.S. men can't lose, can they?
Aug. 22: Home team biggest challenge for U.S. women
Aug. 21: U.S. ready to plow through Canadians
Aug. 17: Reports say Sabonis to miss Olympics
Aug. 17: U.S. opponents gaining ground
Aug. 17: Former volleyball star set to fulfill dream
Aug. 15: Staley ready to take on coaching role
Aug. 14: Short-handed women's team opens training
Aug. 13: Dribble and Drive to Sydney tour hits Halifax
Aug. 11: McDyess accepts Olympic invitation
Aug. 11: Canadian Olympic team scores easy win
Aug. 9: Nohr a late cut of Olympic team
Aug. 9: Alternates selected for U.S. women's team
Aug. 8: Canadian Olympic basketball team named
Aug. 3: Karch leads Canadian women's basketball team
Aug. 1: Duncan may miss Olympics
Aug. 1: Divac to miss Olympics for Yugoslavia
July 30: Injury threatens Anderson's hopes
July 30: Destiny's darling
July 30: Swords has eyes on prize
July 28: Nohr still fighting for Olympic spot
July 18: A tale of two teams
July 17: Canada loses in brawl-marred game
July 17: Abdur-Rahim added to U.S. team
July 17: Despite pocketbook, all Canadians are equal
July 14: Triano's stand brave, unique
July 14: Fox won't play for Canada
July 14: Fox likely a no-go for Canada
July 12: Abdur-Rahim selected for US team
July 5: Triano credited with attitude turnaround
July 4: National team frustrated with Magloire
June 27: Canucks target gold in new duds
June 26: Canada's hoop teams gearing up for Sydney
June 25: Swoopes final member of U.S. team
June 17: Edwards still playing after all these years
June 14: Australia, Russia win in Olympic warm-up
June 13: Canada rallies to beat New Zealand 72-66
June 9: Nash out of the Slammer
June 9: Auriemma to assist U.S. women's basketball team
June 8: Lakers in final may put crimp in Olympic plan
June 1: Dales going to Summer Olympics
May 15: Tomjanovich does lineup math for U.S. team
May 5: Few spots available as team gets set for Sydney
May 4: National team coach anxious to start camp
Mar. 26: Vince Carter selected for U.S. Olympic team

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