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Date of Birth: 13/05/73
Place of Birth: Brantford, ON
Hometown: Mount Pleasant, ON
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 174 lbs
Years on National Team: 9
  Mike Beres has found true love in badminton. His partner in mixed doubles is in fact his longtime girlfriend Kara Solmundson and the pair criss-crossed the globe together to compete at 20 tournaments to earn Olympic qualifying points and gain a berth for the Games.

  Beres, who has practiced the sport for 17 years, says their close relationship has been mostly a benefit rather than an hindrance. "Being a couple is a key to our success," he said. "We're able to open up more than a normal team would. That communication means we can improve quickly and our practicing is very focused. At times we speak our minds to openly but usually we can take something from that later on."

  Beres, also one of Canada's top men's singles players, says the couple has no immediate plans to get married.

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