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Date of Birth: 19/02/75
Place of Birth: Bielawa, Poland
Hometown: Waterloo, ON
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 230 lbs
Years on National Team: 1
  Super heavyweight (91 kg and over) Art Binkowski nearly hung up the gloves after a shoulder injury prevented him from competing for a spot on the Olympic team in 1996. "After 1996 I lost interest on pursuing a spot on the national, it wasn't a priority," said Binkowski, who moved to Canada from Poland with his family at age 12 in 1988. "But I always kept training along with going to school and working. It was the Olympic possibility that kept me going."

  He started boxing at age 15. He initially enrolled in martial arts as a teenager to deal with problems with other students in school. He started boxing after he and a friend bought some gloves at Canadian Tire and sparred for fun in Binkowski's basement. Binkowski's father was able to enroll his son in a boxing club soon afterwards.

  Binkowski feels he can contend for a medal at the Games if he can get some bouts in against some European opponents before the Games. He has not yet contemplated a career at the professional level.

2000 Games
Sept. 27: Super-heavyweight (91-kg plus): Rustam Saidov, Uzbekistan, def. Artur Biknowski, Kitchener, Ont., in quarter-final bout, referee stopped contest, outclassed, at 1:47 of second round.
Sept. 23: Super-heavyweight (91-kg plus): Artur Binkowski, Kitchener, Ont., def. Michael Macaque, Mauritius, 21-14 in opening-round bout.

Binkowski and Saidov exchange punches
Canada's Art Binkowski connects with a left
Binkowski lands a punch
Sunshine Boy Art Binkowski

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