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Age:: 20
Hometown: Brockville, ON
Height: 6'1"
Years on National Team: 2
 Stacey Dales remembers watching the Olympics on television as a young girl.

 Now, she can hardly believe she'll be the one being looked at on the big stage.

 The Brockville native will have her own personal audience when she takes to the floor with the Canadian women's basketball team at the Sydney Games.

 As the youngest member of the squad, the 20-year-old Dales' playing time might be limited, but she'll make the most of every opportunity.

 "I love being able to provide an instant spark by coming off the bench," said Dales. "I think I bring a lot of positive energy to the Olympic team."

 Dales admits the Olympics were always a dream, but not even she believed it would become a reality so early in her career.

 "I thought it would be neat to be at that level," said Dales. "I admired them so much, and then my initial dream became a slow reality as my career moved on. It's so gratifying to have it happen so early on.

 "I was very confident going in (to the team trials). I had had success (at the University of) Oklahoma and felt I had more skills and experience."

 Last season, Dales averaged 12.7 points and 5.1 rebounds per game as Oklahoma's starting point guard.

 After missing most of her first season to injury, Dales worked hard to improve her game.

 "I put a lot of weight on my own shoulders to do well," admits Dales. "But I think that's made me a better player in a shorter time."

-- LISA BURKE -- Ottawa Sun

2000 Games
Sept. 26: Canada lost 67-58 to Cuba to finish in 10th place overall.
Sept. 24: Canada def. Brazil 61-60 to finish with 2-3 record in round-robin play.
Sept. 22: Canada lost 68-56 to Slovakia, dropping to 1-3 record in Pool A.
Sept. 20: Canada lost 70-58 to France in round-robin play, dropping to 1-2 record.
Sept. 18: Canada def. Senegal 62-41, moving to 1-1 in preliminary round.
Sept. 17: Canada lost 78-46 to Australia in opening round game.

Stacey Dales drives to the basket
Collision on the court
Battling the U.S.

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