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Date of Birth: 15/12/76
Place of Birth: Montréal, QC
Hometown: Maple Ridge, BC
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 132 lbs
Years on National Team: 6
  If you think shooters are not real athletes Kim Eagles tends to disagree. At 23, Eagles is one of the youngest national team shooters and competes in the pistol events. She's also a former modern pentathlete, an Olympic event conceived by the founder of the Games Pierre de Coubertin to display the skills of the perfect soldier. Along with shooting, modern pentathletes compete in swimming, show jumping, fencing and running.

  "Shooting requires a lot of balance and core body strength not just one or two muscles," said Eagles who competed at the 1994 world championships in modern pentathlon and switched to pistol shooting only in 1995. "You also need endurance because our matches last over an hour and you stand in the same position for that long."

  Eagles earned Canada a spot in the women's pistol event by winning the gold medal at the Pan Am Games in Winnipeg then earned the available spot by placing first at team trials this past February in Toronto. Her goal at the Olympics is to gain some experience and build towards a medal performance in 2004.

  She is a nursing student at Malaspina University in Nanaimo, B.C., but took the year off to prepare for the Olympics. Her father Bill Eagles was a race car driver on the Formula Atlantic circuit.

2000 Games
Sept. 22: Women's 25-metre sport pistol: Kim Eagles, Maple Ridge, B.C., was 35th overall.
Sept. 17: Kim Eagles, Maple Ridge, B.C., placed 39th among 45 competitors, failed to qualify for final.

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