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Date of Birth: 17/04/68
Place of Birth: Montreal, QC
Hometown: Schomberg, ON
Years on National Team: 8
 Eric Lamaze was a can't miss talent as a youngster. He was a very successful junior and hunter rider, working with a number of top trainers including George Morris, Roger Deslauriers, Hugh Graham and Jay Hayes. His own natural eye for distance has made him very effective since entering the Grand Prix ring in 1992. Just one year later, he was named to the Canadian equestrian team.

  In 1994 he was sensational. In only his third year of Grand Prix competition he earned a spot on Canada's team at the World Equestrian Games and finished second in the Canadian World Cup League standings.

  However disaster struck Lamaze in 1996. He couldn't go to the Atlanta Olympics because of a suspension for using cocaine. He was banned for four years after a urine test taken at the Canadian equestrian Olympic trials in June 1996 turned up positive. However, his suspension was reduced to seven months after he appealed on the grounds he took cocaine four times in the three months before the trials for personal use rather than to gain any competitive edge.

  He won the final Olympic trial event in July upon the 10-year-old German-bred gelding Millcreek's Raphael. Lamaze is excited about this horse and feels he has a medal shot in Sydney.

  Lamaze operates Torrey Pines Stables in Schomberg, where he coaches many promising show jumpers, including Grand Prix rider Ainsley Vince.

2000 Games
Sept. 20: C.O.A. denies Lamaze the right to compete in the 2000 Games.
Sept. 18: Lamaze's suspended is lifted and can coach and compete in equestrian events. The decision on his inclusion on the Olympic Team is still pending.
Lamaze was suspended from the Canadian team after a positive drug team. He did not compete in the Games.

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