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Photo by: Michael Caruth

Date of Birth: 25/10/73
Place of Birth: Ottawa, ON
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs
Years on National Team: 3
 Scott Mosher began playing field hockey at nine-years-old. His older brother played the sport, and he would pick up his stick and play around with it before he got interested in the game. Also, current teammate and veteran Chris Gifford used to babysit Mosher as a kid, and was also into field hockey. A graduate from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Human Kinetics, Mosher now works in securities after recently completing his licensing. A national team member for the past three years, Mosher says that the team is incredibly competitive and hard-working. The media coverage of their tilt with Malaysia at the 1998 Commonwealth Games only reaffirmed their commitment to the sport and to the team. "It was a great learning experience," he said, "I don't blame anyone for what happened. We're all out there doing our job, and it got blown way out of proportion."

2000 Games
Sept. 30: Canada lost 3-0 to Spain, finished in 10th place overall.
Sept. 28: Men: Canada def. Poland 3-2 in classification game, advancing to ninth-place playoff against Spain.
Sept. 26: Men: Canada tied Malaysia 1-1 to finish with 0-2-3 record in Pool A round-robin play.
Sept. 24: Canada tied Britain 1-1, putting the Canadians at 0-2-2 in Pool A.
Sept. 20: Canada lost 5-2 to the Netherlands, dropping to 0-2-1 in Pool A round-robin play.
Sept. 20: Canada lost 2-1 to Germany, dropping to 0-1-1 in Pool A round-robin play.
Sept. 16: Canada tied Pakistan 2-2 in preliminary round game.

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