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Age: 23
Place of Birth: Winnipeg, MB
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs
Years on National Team: 4
 Pitcher Heather Newsham joins sister and fellow pitcher Sandy on the 2000 Canadian Olympic team. She recently graduated from the University of Manitoba in education, and now looks forward to becoming a teacher. She was on the 1998 World Championship team, and the 1997 Pan Am qualifier. She was a national team champion in 1999 and was voted MVP every year from 1994-1997.

 When she isn't playing softball, she likes to keep in shape by playing basketball and volleyball. A right-handed pitcher (sister Sandy pitches left), she will be relied upon in Sydney for her hitting as well.

2000 Games
Sept. 23: Canada lost 1-0 to China, finishing with 1-6 record in round-robin schedule.
Sept. 21: Canada lost 4-3 to Japan in 10 innings, dropping to 1-4 in round-robin play.
Sept. 20: Canada def. Italy 7-1 in round-robin play, raising record to 1-3.
Sept. 19: Women: Canada lost 1-0 to Australia, dropped to 0-3 record in round-robin play.
Sept. 18: Canada lost 3-2 to New Zealand in 10 innings of women's preliminary round, dropping to 0-2. Sept. 17: Canada lost 6-0 to United States in round-robin play.

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