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Date of Birth: 18/12/65
Place of Birth: Ottawa, ON
Hometown: Delta, BC
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 148 lbs
Years on National Team: 14
  One of Canada's best but lesser-known cyclists Brian Walton enters his third Olympic Games. His career is filled with great achievements which unfortunately have often gone unnoticed. In 1988 at Seoul he placed a solid 13th at age 22 in the individual time trial road race but all the news back then was on Ben Johnson.

  At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics he won the silver in the men's points race a 100-lap race on the velodrome track just two months after arthroscopic surgery. However the same day the charismatic Curt Harnett took bronze in the match sprint and Walton shared the spotlight. Harnett said Walton's performance was one of the greatest cycling performances he'd ever seen.

  Back in 1995 at the Pan Am Games, Walton achieved a rare double feat winning both the points and road race within 48 hours. It basically went unreported as on-site Canadian reporters chased the Silken Laumann doping goof-up. Walton defended his Pan Am road crown in Winnipeg last year in another superb race.

  For 2000, Walton didn't qualify on track after he was "boxed" in the points race at the Pan Am Games. He was crushed and in tears after that race saying it was 14 against one. Boxing is a strategical maneuver by the other racers to block the favorite from winning. However he'll be a key member of the men's road race team at the 2000 Olympics with Gord Fraser, Eric Wohlberg and Czeslaw Lukasczewicz. While Canada is not a world power in road cycling, Walton says the Canadians are heavily experienced and have a chance for a medal especially with Fraser, regarded as one of the world's fastest riders.

  At the pro level, he's been a member of Team Saturn since 1993.

2000 Games

2000 Games
Sept. 27: Men's road race: Brian Walton, Vancouver.
Sept. 20: Men's 40-kilometre points race: Brian Walton, Vancouver, finished ninth in final.

Canada's Brian Walton adjusts his helmet
Ottawa's Brian Walton in action

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