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Photo by: Michael Caruth

Date of Birth: 28/01/78
Place of Birth: Calgary, AB
Hometown: North Vancouver, BC
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180 lbs
Years on National Team: 3
 Paul Wettlaufer picked up the game of field hockey 12 years ago after a friend from England introduced him to it. He had been playing little league baseball, but found field hockey much more exciting. He feels that the team learned a whole lot about being careful and dealing with conflicts such as those at the 1998 Commonwealth Games. It was then his first major tournament, and he looks forward to being able to play at every major field hockey tournament such as the Olympics, the World Cup, and the Champions Trophy. The North Vancouver native enjoys cooking, and has been working as a chef at Earls for the past five years.

2000 Games
Sept. 30: Canada lost 3-0 to Spain, finished in 10th place overall.
Sept. 28: Men: Canada def. Poland 3-2 in classification game, advancing to ninth-place playoff against Spain.
Sept. 26: Men: Canada tied Malaysia 1-1 to finish with 0-2-3 record in Pool A round-robin play.
Sept. 24: Canada tied Britain 1-1, putting the Canadians at 0-2-2 in Pool A.
Sept. 20: Canada lost 5-2 to the Netherlands, dropping to 0-2-1 in Pool A round-robin play.
Sept. 20: Canada lost 2-1 to Germany, dropping to 0-1-1 in Pool A round-robin play.
Sept. 16: Canada tied Pakistan 2-2 in preliminary round game.

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