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Date of Birth: 27/10/77
Place of Birth: Vancouver, BC
Hometown: Richmond, BC
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 145 lbs
Years on National Team: 4
 Utility player Erin Woods attends Iowa State University where she was a second team All-Star in 1998, and a first team All-Star in 1999. Studying Child and Family Services, she hopes to own her very own Childcare and Outreach Centre in the future. Woods credits her parents with getting her started in softball, and lists qualifying for the Olympics as her sport highlight. Also a team member for the 1999 Pan Am silver medal winning team, Woods brings strong offensive talents to the squad.

2000 Games
Sept. 23: Canada lost 1-0 to China, finishing with 1-6 record in round-robin schedule.
Sept. 21: Canada lost 4-3 to Japan in 10 innings, dropping to 1-4 in round-robin play.
Sept. 20: Canada def. Italy 7-1 in round-robin play, raising record to 1-3.
Sept. 19: Women: Canada lost 1-0 to Australia, dropped to 0-3 record in round-robin play.
Sept. 18: Canada lost 3-2 to New Zealand in 10 innings of women's preliminary round, dropping to 0-2. Sept. 17: Canada lost 6-0 to United States in round-robin play.

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