SEARCH 2000 Games

PROFILE: Mark Boswell
Just another big flop
By TERRY JONES -- Edmonton Sun
 SYDNEY- Maybe if it had snowed.
 But it didn't. It rained. Poured. And Canada's last hope for a track and field medal to put to promotional use for next year's world championships in Edmonton was washed out.
 Last year's world silver medallist, Mark Boswell of Brampton, Ont. finished sixth.

Boswell sixth in wet high jump
 SYDNEY (CP) -- Under the circumstances Mark Boswell could be satisfied with his performance, but the circumstances couldn't have been worse for the young high jumper.
 A driving rain and cold temperatures chilled Boswell's chances in the Olympic high jump, leaving him sixth as Russian Sergey Kliugin took the gold medal.
 Cuban Javier Sotomayor, who only got to compete after a ban for cocaine use was reduced, took the silver while Abderrahmane Hammad of Algeria claimed the bronze.

Medal pressure builds on Boswell
By STEVE BUFFERY -- Toronto Sun
 SYDNEY -- The Boz is in Oz with a cause.
 Whether he likes it or not, Brampton high jumper Mark Boswell carries the expectations of the entire Canadian track and field team on his slender shoulders.

Boz clap turns on Oz
By RYAN PYETTE -- Winnipeg Sun
 SYDNEY -- If Canadian high jumper Mark Boswell never does anything else at these Olympics, he'll still leave with one unforgettable moment.
 Last night, the lanky 6-foot-2, 150-pound Brampton, Ont., native put himself in a tiger's cage by missing his first two attempts at the qualifying height of 2.27-metres.

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