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August 5, 2000
PROFILE: Mark Boswell
Boswell listens to reason

By STEVE BUFFERY -- Toronto Sun

Rather than destroy his career for the sake of a few marks and francs, Canadian high jump star Mark Boswell has high-tailed it home.

Boswell, a legitimate threat for a gold medal at the Sydney Olympics, returned to his training base in Austin, Tex., this week from the lucrative European track and field circuit to receive physiotherapy on his injured right ankle.

After finishing second at the prestigious Golden Gala meet in Rome last Friday with a jump of 2.35 metres, Boswell said he would remain overseas to stockpile entry points for the August Grand Prix meets in Europe.

Boswell admitted in a Toronto Sun story on Saturday that his ankle became extremely sore and swollen after each jump, the result of an injury suffered last year. Boswell's coach, Dan Pfaff, said the Brampton jumper risked a career-ending injury with every jump.

It seems common sense has prevailed. Boswell's Canadian coach, Gary Lubin, said the athlete was convinced to give up jumping and undergo therapy now.

"There's no way he should be jumping on that ankle," Lubin said. "You don't have to be a physiotherapist to know that when it balloons, the body's trying to tell you something."

Lubin said he almost went through the roof when he read Boswell was willing to risk injury in order to earn Grand Prix points.

"It's craziness," said Lubin, who immediately called Boswell's parents with his concerns.

"I don't want him not to make the big show (Olympics) because he feels it's more important to do the European shtick."
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