SEARCH 2000 Games

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

 WHERE: Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith Lakes. Slalom events to be held at the Centre's Penrith Whitewater Stadium.

 WHEN: Slalom, Sept. 16-20; Sprint, Sept. 26-Oct. 1.

 MEDALS: A total of 16, four from slalom and 12 from sprint. Women compete only in kayaks while men use both canoes and kayaks. Race names are denoted by the first letter of the boat type and a number indicating how many paddlers are in each boat.

 OUTLOOK: Germany's Birgit Fischer, the top women's medal-winner in kayak sprint in Olympic history, is back for more after winning a gold and silver in Atlanta. Norway's Knut Holmann is a favorite in both men's K1 distances. He, too, won a gold and silver in 1996.

 The United States qualified in only two men's sprint races (500m K2 and 1,000m K4) and the women's 500m K1.

 A top medal contender in the C1 is Slovakia's Michal Martikan, who won gold in the event at Atlanta at age 17 and won the world championship the following year.

   Inside Canoe/Kayak:

   Team Canada






   C-1, 500 meters
   C-1, 1,000 meters
   C-2, 500 meters
   C-2, 1,000 meters
   K-1, 500 meters
   K-1, 1,000 meters
   K-2, 500 meters
   K-2, 1,000 meters
   K-4, 1,000 meters
   K-1, slalom
   C-1, slalom
   C-2, slalom

   K-1, 500 meters
   K-2, 500 meters
   K-4, 500 meters
   K-1, slalom

   Penrith Whitewater
   Regatta Centre

   Canoe/Kayak Gallery