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March 18, 2016

Can't help but love this guy
  SYDNEY -- The highest of compliments was paid to Canadian wrestler Daniel Igali on Saturday night at the media village farewell party.
 Two lumbering hacks, inspired by the gold-medal winning performance of Igali earlier in the day and fuelled by a couple of gallons of Victoria Bitter, locked arms, exchanged hard looks and then sent each other crashing through a table of food and drink.
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End near for Canuck sprint duo
  SYDNEY -- There's an old saying in track and field: The older they get, the faster they ain't.
 Okay, I might have just made that up, but the point is, Canadian sprinters Donovan Bailey and Bruny Surin are not getting any younger or faster. Barring a miracle, they will not challenge for a medal in the 100-metre final Saturday (5:20 a.m.).
Sept. 21: Full column

The man needs to take responsibility
  SYDNEY -- There is a difference between cheaters and idiots. Eric Lamaze is an idiot.
 The guy has a problem, an insidious, mean, vicious little monkey on his back. And for that he should be given a slap upside the head and then some counselling. That doesn't mean he should be thrown to the sharks and tossed out of sport.
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