SEARCH 2000 Games

Friday, September 1, 2000

Together they stand

Canadians to do everthing as a team

  All for one and one for all.

 Nothing else will accepted, even if that costs some of Canada's other athletes support during the Olympics.

 The Canadian men's Olympic basketball team has decided that that no players or members of the coaching staff will attend any other Olympic events in Sydney.

 There also will be no contact with wives or girlfriends, and no member of the team will go anywhere in Sydney unless the rest of the team goes, too.

 "We sat down as a group, talked it over, and just decided that we would eliminate all distractions," Steve Nash, the team captain and point guard, said.

 "We were on our own in Puerto Rico (last summer) when we qualified for the Olympics. We just thought that we would try to keep things the same, keep everyone together," Toronto small forward Rowan Barrett said.

 The decision is somewhat radical. It's traditional at the Olympics that athletes from other sports attend events where a countryman or woman has a chance to win a medal.

 But not this time.

 "These guys will walk away, win or lose, knowing that they couldn't have done anything more or anything better to win a medal," coach Jay Triano said.

 Triano said the team might, for instance, watch "three innings of a baseball game," but only if the entire team decides to do so.

 "We're not going to stay locked in our rooms," Triano said. "But we'll do things as a team or we won't do them at all."

 The next stop for the Canadian team is Hong Kong, where Canada will take part in the six-team Diamond Ball tournament before heading to Sydney.

 KNICKS ADD ASSISTANT: Northwestern men's basketball coach Kevin O'Neill has resigned to take a job as an assistant coach with the New York Knicks. O'Neill's resignation follows last year's miserable 5-25 season for the Wildcats, who were winless in the Big Ten.

 It also comes after four Northwestern players asked for releases from their scholarships this spring to transfer to other teams. Two other players, Sean Wink and Aron Molinar, left Northwestern last fall.

 O'Neill leaves Northwestern with 30-56 record over three seasons.

 Around the rim: Philadelphia 76ers forward George Lynch might miss the start of training camp because of a stress fracture in his left foot. Lynch had his foot placed in a cast yesterday. Training camp is scheduled to begin Oct. 3 at Penn State ... The Miami Heat re-signed forward Harold Jamison yesterday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

 -- with files from AP