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March 18, 2016

Toronto 2008: Why bother?
 SYDNEY -- Am I the only one wondering why politicians of every political stripe are eager to spend billions of dollars on the 2008 Olympics in Toronto when Canada's performance at the Sydney Summer Games has been an international joke?
 I was thinking about this when I joined 100,000 other folks out at Stadium Australia the other day as Art Eggleton became the third federal cabinet minister to fly in from Ottawa to back Toronto's bid for the 2008 Games.
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Canada's athletic $$ spread too thin?
 SYDNEY -- I know of no one so interested, so enthusiastic, so well informed, so sensible and so articulate about Canada and the Olympics as Abigail Hoffman.
 I caught up to Hoffman the other night at Stadium Australia as the gold medallists, Marion Jones of the United States and Cathy Freeman of Australia, were running 200-metre heats and men did the pole vault and long jump on the far side of the field.
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It's about money, not medals
 SYDNEY -- Although I have a pal with Sports Illustrated, I was unable to snare an invitation to one of three $1-million parties hosted by the magazine during the Olympics.
 Sports Illustrated takes great pride in its journalism, but media were not welcome at their soirees. Their Olympic ideal was to bring together Olympic champions with corporate schmoozers.
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