SEARCH 2000 Games

March 18, 2016

Over the top Down Under
 SYDNEY - See ya Syd. Good on ya, mate. You were great.
 Words like those are being printed around the world today. And the world said the other two words together with Juan Antonio Samaranch last night, the words he refused to say in Atlanta. Best ever. Oct. 2: Full column

Some nations can't keep up with Jones
  SYDNEY -- So, Marion, how does it feel to be a failure? Only three gold.
 At last count, 69 countries had won medals at these Olympic Games and only 36 of those had won more medals than Marion Jones' personal count of three gold and two bronze. Oct. 1: Full column

In very fast company
 SYDNEY -- The guy who ran anchor looks like an accountant. Glasses. Demeanour. Whole bit.
 Actually he's a hurdler.
 They had to send a hurdler out to do the job that Donovan Bailey and Bruny Surin had the hissy-fit, ego-fight about costing Canada a chance for three straight gold medals at the World Championships in Athletics last year in Seville. Sept. 30: Full column

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