SEARCH 2000 Games

March 18, 2016

Fastest, highest, strongest
  SYDNEY --The river of lightning coursing 12 1/2 kilometres from Olympic Stadium to Sydney's scenic harbour Sunday was a pure and fitting finale to the Aussie Olympics themselves.
Hodgepodge, sparkling, inexorable, the thousands of sets of pyrotechnics spaced 500 metres apart led to the greatest fireworks display in history. It was a fitting counterpoint to the largest but most laid-back Games in history.
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Good on ya, mates
 Here's the good news: Sydney had the best Olympics ever. And the bad: Sydney had the best Olympics ever.
 Now that the echoes are fading from this captivating fortnight of elite athletic endeavour, now that Sydneysiders and the rest of a rapt world can return to normal, an evaluation is in order.
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Athletes argue more money vital to boost performance
 SYDNEY -- More dough, more show, Canadian Olympic athletes are saying.
 More money, medal incentives and choosing athletes with greater potential for success to future Canadian Olympic teams were among the recommendations by athletes and coaches Friday at a news conference dealing with Canada's pallid performance at the Sydney Games.
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