SEARCH 2000 Games

March 18, 2016

Fair dinkum Oz, fair dinkum
  SYDNEY -- The hero of the Summer Olympics was a city, not an athlete. The face of the Games was a smiling volunteer. The feeling that will live with me forever is one of absolute joy.
 These were the Games of Sydney, in this postcard of a place, in a city so alive with spirit and sport. To say G'day and so long to Sydney now and sing one last chorus of Waltzing Matilda won't be easy or unemotional.
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Golden finish
  SYDNEY -- On one side of Sydney, Caroline Brunet frowned at silver. At almost the same moment, in another side of town, Daniel Igali carefully placed the Canadian flag on a wrestling mat, did a dance around it, and kissed it.
 It may have been the best Canadian moment of the Games.
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Different view from land of Oz
 SYDNEY -- By the time the news had filtered out in the early morning, there was neither the time nor the inclination to cancel the party.
 More than 140 Canadian athletes, upon learning of the death of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, boarded buses from the Athletes Village today and headed by ferry to picturesque Manly for a barbecue party at the beach.
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