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March 18, 2016

100 moments from Sydney
 The flame has been extinguished and the flag folded up, but the memories of the XXVII Olympiad will live on.
 Here is a completely subjective list of 100 heroes, zeroes, highs, lows, winners, losers, touching moments, good lines, bad actors, anecdotes and any other stuff that was left over after three weeks to pad out this stupid list...
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Brunet couldn't hack it
 PENRITH LAKES, Australia -- At the moment for which she had prepared for four years, at the moment she had trained for, thought about and for which she had put the rest of her life on hold, at that moment, Caroline Brunet almost quit.
 As the wind whipped the water into white caps on the International Regatta Centre's course and the nose of her kayak thrashed in the starting block, Brunet thought about pulling out.
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Foghorn gives Giles boost for bronze
 PENRITH LAKES, Australia -- When Steve Giles heard the sound, that unmistakable sound which cut through the wind and the cheering and the pain in his arms, he knew it was time.
 With about 350 metres to go in the men's C-1 1000-metre final, the 28-year-old heard the sound of the foghorn from the Senobe (N.S.) Canoe Club, a sound he's been hearing for 20 years.
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