SEARCH 2000 Games

March 18, 2016

Vince: The dink of dunk?
  SYDNEY -- Is Vince Carter becoming a dink?
 You asked this question, I know you did, when you saw the highlights or the live feed of Carter and his American basketball buddies, waxing France 85-75 in the gold medal game Saturday evening.
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Woe, Canada?
  SYDNEY -- Conrad Leinemann is the sporting version of the cool Canadian -- a beach volleyball player whose bleached good looks have made him a favourite of young female fans.
 But a few minutes after he and partner Jody Holden lost to a German duo last week, Leinemann was explaining how his team couldn't battle back from a 13-6 deficit.
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The Games sure can wear a guy down
  SYDNEY -- Around 400 BC, women who wanted to watch the Olympics were pitched from the highest cliff.
 Fifteen days into these Olympics, I found myself wishing I was a Greek woman from 400 BC.
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