SEARCH 2000 Games

March 18, 2016


Congratulations to all our Going for Gold winners!

Grand Prize

Bob Spiers, Vernon, BC

Daily Winners

October 1
Jeff Hannusch, New Orleans, LA

September 30
Julie C., Stouffville, ON

September 29
Danielle Kerdevez, Laval, PQ

September 28
Ralph Levenstein, Thornhill, ON

September 27
Maekayla Richardson, Winnipeg, MB

September 26
Joey Parisi, Hamilton, ON

September 25
Angela Kennedy, Lowbanks, ON

September 24
Norman Lai, Halifax, NS

September 23
Donald H. Holmes, Red Deer, AB

September 22
Lori Blondin, Toronto, ON

September 21
Qun Gee, Vancouver, BC

September 20
Lindsay Demerchant, Fredericton, NB

September 19
Howard Chak, Kingston, ON

September 18
Larissa Perrault, Edmonton, AB

September 17
Mark Nuttall, Winnipeg, MB

September 16
Gerald Yip, New Westminster, BC

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