SEARCH 2000 Games

Sunday, September 17, 2000
Five-time world champion wins Olympic gold

 SYDNEY (AP) -- Hungary's Timea Nagy, a five-time team world champion, scored a point late in the third period to beat Switzerland's Gianna Hadluetzel-Buerki 15-11 for the Olympic gold medal in women's epee.

 Nagy registered the final point with five seconds left in the last period. Teammates carried her off and tossed her into the air.

 Defending gold medallist Laura Flessel-Colovic of France defeated Tatiana Logounova of Russia 15-6 to win the bronze medal.

 Nagy was considered Hungary's third-best contender in the epee, but her higher-rated teammates Ildiko Mincza and Gyongyi Szalay lost in earlier rounds.

 Lougonova, who won a World Cup event this year at England, beat Valerie Barlois-Lerouz of France -- the silver medallist in the 1996 Atlanta Games, en route to the semifinals.

 SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- Results Sunday from the fencing event at the Summer Olympics
 Individual Epee
 First Round
 Ildiko Mincza, Hungary, def. Arlene Stevens, Fresh Meadow, N.Y., 11-8.
 Valerie Barlois-Leroux, France, def. Katja Nass, Germany, 15-12.
 Julija Vansovica, Latvia, def. Gyongyi Szalay, Hungary, 15-13.
 Maria Mazina, Russia, def. Karina Aznavourian, Russia, 15-11.
 Gianna Habluetzel-Buerki, Switzerland, def. Mirayda Garcia, Cuba, 15-14.
 Sangita Tripathi, France, def. Sherraine Schalm, Canada, 15-13.
 Timea Nagy, Hungary, def. Yang Shaoqi, China, 11-8.
 Margherita Zalaffi, Italy, def. Liang Qin, China, 15-11.
 Diana Romagnoli, Switzerland, def. Margrete Moerch, Norway, 15-13.
 Tatiana Logounova, Russia, def. Ko Jung-Sun, South Korea, 15-9.
 Claudia Bokel, Germany, def. Ragnhild Andenaes, Norway, 15-10.
 Andrea Rentmeister, Austria, def. Evelyn Halls, Australia, 15-14, 00:58, hit.
 Zuleydis Ortiz, Cuba, def. Tamara Esteri, Cuba, 15-7.
 Sophie Lamon, Switzerland, def. Cristina Cascioli, Italy, 15-12.
 Imke Duplitzer, Germany, def. Li Na, China, 15-12.
 Laura Flessel-Colovic, France, def. Tamara Sotra, Yugoslavia, 15-9.
 Second Round
 Gianna Habluetzel-Buerki, Switzerland, def. Ildiko Mincza, Hungary, 15-9.
 Valerie Barlois-Leroux, France, def. Sangita Tripathi, France, 15-8.
 Timea Nagy, Hungary, def. Julija Vansovica, Latvia, 15-10.
 Margherita Zalaffi, Italy, def. Maria Mazina, Russia, 15-13.
 Zuleydis Ortiz, Cuba, def. Diana Romagnoli, Switzerland, 15-11.
 Tatiana Logounova, Russia, def. Sophie Lamon, Switzerland, 15-8.
 Claudia Bokel, Germany, def. Imke Duplitzer, Germany, 15-14.
 Laura Flessel-Colovic, France, def. Andrea Rentmeister, Austria, 15-12.
 Gianna Habluetzel-Buerki, Switzerland, def. Zuleydis Ortiz, Cuba, 15-14.
 Tatiana Logounova, Russia, def. Valerie Barlois-Leroux, France, 15-10.
 Timea Nagy, Hungary, def. Claudia Bokel, Germany, 15-8.
 Laura Flessel-Colovic, France, def. Margherita Zalaffi, Italy, 15-11.
 Gianna Habluetzel-Buerki, Switzerland, def. Tatiana Logounova, Russia, 13-12, 00:43, hit.
 Timea Nagy, Hungary, def. Laura Flessel-Colovic, France, 15-14.
 Bronze Medal
 Laura Flessel-Colovic, France, def. Tatiana Logounova, Russia, 15-6.
 Gold Medal
 Timea Nagy, Hungary, def. Gianna Habluetzel-Buerki, Switzerland, 15-11.
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