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The Modern Olympics

1896 -- Athens, Greece
311 athletes, 13 nations

Not surprisingly Coubertin wanted the first Modern Olympic Games to be held in Paris, his hometown, but the rest of the IOC agreed that Greece was the best place to revive the Games. Olympia was the first choice, but the stadium and other venues were beyond repair and instead Athens was chosen as the birthplace of the Modern Games.

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At first the Greek government was not enthusiastic about the idea of hosting the Games because it was having large financial problems. But when the Crown Prince of Greece and other rich benefactors donated money to support the Games the Greeks quickly became excited and a new stadium was built.

The first Olympic Champion since the Ancient Games was James B. Connolly, a Harvard university student, who won the triple jump.

Spiridon Louis, a Greek athlete who trained on the actual Olympic marathon course while earning a living delivering letters and water to nearby villages, won the marathon and became a hero to the Greek people.

Canadian Highlights: Because of financial difficulties, Canada did not send a team to the Games.

Medal Count: Gold 0, Silver 0, Bronze 0

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