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The Modern Olympics

1908 -- London, England
2,056 athletes, 22 nations

Rome was supposed to stage the 1908 Games but pulled out because of financial problems. Instead London hosted and attracted more athletes and spectators than any Games before. A new state-of-the-art facilities,including a stadium with 70,000-seats, running and cycling tracks and a pool, were built.

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But despite the success, the Games did witness some conflict. The IOC believed the British had unparalleled expertise in running world-class sports events and gave Britain total control over the Games. As a result many foreign competitors felt they were treated unfairly by British judges and referees. At least five countries, including the United States, protested against the refereeing and The Games turned into a war of words between the British and American teams. By the end of The Games Britain had won 56 gold and 145 overall medals, twice as many as the second-place Americans.

Canadian Highlights: Canada sent its first official team to the London Games and competed in track and field, cycling, gymnastics, wrestling, rowing, fencing, tennis, shooting, and swimming.

Bobby Kerr from Hamilton, Ontario won the 200m sprint. He also won a bronze medal in the 100m sprint.

Medal Count: Gold 1, Silver 1, Bronze 6

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