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The Modern Olympics

1912 -- Stockholm, Sweden
2,546 athletes, 28 nations

The 1912 Olympics were the main attraction in Stockholm. A 30,000-seat stadium and a new swimming arena were built and the city was decorated with flags and banners.

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The hero of the Games was Native American Jim Thorpe. In the U.S. he was a star in baseball, football and track. He set a record in the decathlon that remained untouched for years. He also won the pentathlon. Because the IOC was so strict about its amateurism policy, Thorpe was later stripped of his medals for playing sandlot baseball for money.

At the closing of the Games Coubertin spoke about the city that had been selected to host the next Games, Berlin, and his hope for peaceful times. No one knew that World War I was just around the corner.

Canadian Highlights: George Hodgson won two gold medals in swimming and broke three world records. He set three world records while competing in the 1500m race. When he touched the wall at 1500m to finish the event and earn his gold medal he set the world record. But that was not enough for Hodgson. He continued swimming and clocked in under the world record for the 1-mile swim. His time at the 1000m mark of the race was also a record.

George Goulding was another Canadian champion. He won gold in the 10,000m walk, an event that has since been discontinued.

Medal Count: Gold 3, Silver 2, Bronze 3

1916 -- No games were held because of First World War.

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