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The Modern Olympics

1928 -- Amsterdam, The Netherlands
3,014 athletes, 46 nations

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In 1928, for the first time in the history of the Games, women were allowed to compete. There were many objections. Even Coubertin was not happy about the introduction of women into his prized Games. Some people believed that female athletes would not be able to withstand the physical and emotional hardships that came with athletics. But many female athletes, including Canada's "Saskatoon Lily" who won the high jump and Bobbie Rosenfeld who became Canada's top female athlete of the first half century, proved them wrong.

Canadian Highlights: Canada's women's 400m relay team -- Bobbie Rosenfeld, Florence Bell, Ethel Smith and Myrtle Cook -- won gold and set a world record. Bobbie Rosenfeld and Ethel Smith also placed second and third in the 100m sprint. The six Canadian women at the Games brought home two gold, two silver and one bronze medal. But Canada's biggest hero of the Games was Percy Williams. Williams won the 200m and 100m sprints. As a child was weak after a bout of rheumatic fever left him with a damaged heart. When he was discovered by coach Bob Granger he was 18-years old and 110-pounds.

Medal Count: Gold 4, Silver 4, Bronze 6

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