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The Modern Olympics

1936 -- Berlin, Germany
4,066 athletes, 49 nations

The 1936 Games were awarded to Berlin before the Third Reich came to power, but they ended up being called the "Nazi Olympics". Before the Games even started The Nazis reneged on their promise to have Germany's Olympic Trials open to every every German that qualified. All Jewish athletes with a chance at making the Olympic team were shut out of the trials. Hitler and The Nazis wanted to turn the Games into a forum to spread their beliefs of Aryan superiority.

Jewish groups in the United States protested and called for a boycott of the Games, but U.S. Olympic officials decided to send a team by a 58-56 vote. At the opening of the Games Greek athletes carried the Olympic flame into the stadium and saluted Hitler.

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But not all the participants viewed the Games as a platform for Nazi propaganda. Many athletes said they did not notice a problem at the Games, including Jesse Owens a black American who won the 100m and 200m sprints.

Canadian Highlights:Frank Amyot won a gold medal in the 1000-metre canoeing event, an event that was introduced to this Olympics

Medal Count: Gold 1, Silver 3, Bronze 5

1940 -- No games were held because of the Second World War.

1944 -- No games were held because of the Second World War.

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